Instructure has enabled a new Gradebook with added functionality and features. While faculty are able to access this new Gradebook, please note that the feature is still in beta. Faculty may enable the new Gradebook (follow the steps below) but note that Instructure may still adjust features before final release. This Gradebook will eventually replace the existing Gradebook. A transition date has not been set by UNCG ITS.

NOTE: You cannot switch back to the current Gradebook if you enable late policies or even manually adjust the labels in the Grade Detail Tray. Once you have done one of these two things, the feature option in the course will not allow you to return to the old Gradebook. Late policies do not transfer to the old Gradebook. In affected courses, the course-level feature option may take up to 1 hour to display the status change. If you currently use the gradebook export/import functions or treat ungraded as zero, it is recommended that you do NOT enable the new gradebook as these functions are not yet available.

Faculty will find the following new features:

  • Drag and drop columns; increase width of columns
  • New menus for settings and sorting options
  • Additional filtering options
  • Late and missing flags with automatic deduction policies
  • Grade detail tray which displays a grading summary by assignment and student

View the new Gradebook guide to assist you in the transition. Also visit the New Gradebook FAQ.

Enabling the new Gradebook

In your course, go to Settings – click the Feature Options tab – then click the toggle for New Gradebook.