ONE – Concerto for Violin and Multimedia

This performance is the result of a collaboration between School of Music, Theatre and Dance – UNCG, New World Symphony, Internet 2, and the Royal College of Music.

Co-commissioned by Internet 2 and The New World Symphony, ONE is an experimental short film that draws connections between architectural patterns, musical figures and natural disorder in a search for harmony.

The film first portrays modern cityscapes and utilizes rhythmic symmetries to build an unbalanced vision of space and to raise chaos. It then dives into matter and follows the stream of constant change of biological worlds to finally widen into a new composition of space, light and color.

The Performance took place at the New World Center in Miami, Florida on March 22nd, 2016. The solo violinist, Fabian Lopez performed via the audio visual streaming system LOLA from the University of North Carolina Greensboro more than 800 miles away.

Original Music composed and conducted by Mike Ladouceur
Directed by Aurélien Krieger & Marco Jemolo
Produced by Aurélien Krieger
Cinematography & Editing by Marco Jemolo

Fabian Lopez – Solo Violin

Lisa Husseini – Flute
Trey Bradshaw – Flute
Kristin Kall – Oboe
Zachary Manzi – Clarinet
Darren Hicks – Bassoon
Tanner Schapper – Horn
Brian Sayre – Percussion
Michael Linville – Harp
Lauren Densinger – Violin
Cynthia Burton – Violin
Hye Jin Koh – Violin
Thomas Johnson – Violin
Mateja Kalajian – Violin
Joohyun Lee – Violin
Helen Hess – Viola
Andrew Francois – Viola
Esther Nahm – Viola
Thomas Carpenter – Cello
Laura Jacyna – Cello
Tim Dilenschneider – Double Bass
Andrew Chilcote – Double Bass
Michael Fuller – Double Bass

Nick Harding – Mixing Engineer for recording

With special thanks to:
The New World Symphony (NWS)
Internet 2
The University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG)
The Royal College of Music (RCM)
Justin Trieger – Director of New Media and Distance Education (NWS)
John Henry Dale – Assistant Technical Director for Distance Education (NWS)
Roberto Toledo – Director of Audio Services (NWS)
Cody Engstrom – Audio Engineer Fellow (NWS)
Dennis Hopson – Audio Technician (UNCG)
Daniel Rice – Performing Arts Instructional Technology Consultant (UNCG)
Matthew Libera – Application Administrator (UNCG)
Matt Parkin – Head of Studios (RCM)
Tania Lisboa – Centre for Performance Science (RCM)