ugly-ducklingFor over 50 years now, UNCG’s The North Carolina Theatre for Young People has been instrumental in facilitating theatrical productions and educational programming for the youth community statewide. As it is in many cases, such experiences often serve as an introduction to the theatre for local children with limited artistic exposure. Therefore, the productions are always highly entertaining, and handled with creative thoughtfulness. Currently, The Ugly Duckling is no exception to the program’s long lineage of performance achievements…[t]he modest cast of three, consisting of Rebecca Joan Woodrum as the young girl, and the two puppeteers, Sophie Larin and Liam Yates, all used the human body along with one-dimensional translucent cutouts projected onto a screen to propel the story without the use of any dialogue, only instrumental underscoring. The meticulous execution of the images aligning and interacting convincingly with one another, as well as with the silhouetted actress, is a testament to Campbell’s innovative eye for theatrical direction, and the diligence of her three cast members.

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