This is a photo collage of School of Theatre students performing, in class, and working on productions.
This is a photo of students rehearsing the School of Theatre production of “The Julies: A Kinda Sorta Adaptation of Strindberg’s Miss Julie” by Calley N. Anderson. Photo by Becky VanderVeen.

The Scaffolding Change Committee is annually convened by the Director of the School of Theatre and shall include representation from Tenured/Tenure-track faculty, Professional Track faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students.

Scaffolding Change will make recommendations to the School of Theatre Director regarding steps forward focused on creating an equitable, just, accessible and inclusive environment for the diverse population of students, staff, and faculty within the school. Recommendations will include initiatives and actions with measurable outcomes as well as changes in perspectives regarding the ethos of the school.

Scaffolding Change will provide clear insights into the following questions:

  1.  What does an inclusive and accessible educational environment within the School of Theatre look like?

  2.  What are the strategic priorities necessary to create the environment in #1?

  3.  What actions will we take to move us toward meeting the identified strategic EDI priorities?

  4.  In what ways will this EDI Strategic Implementation Plan align with the Cultural Climate initiative?

  5.  What existing policies and procedures should be amended, created, and/or eliminated as possible barriers to a more inclusive community?

  6.  How can EDI be integrated into the everyday roles and responsibilities of every aspect of the School of Theatre?

In consultation with the Director, the committee should consider how we prioritize the resources, both human and capital, to achieve the desired outcomes.