The audition process for the BFA in MUSICAL THEATRE is a two-part process.  Read below for more information.  You can contact [email protected] with any questions at any point in the process. Please remember: these instructions are the secondary application process for admittance to the BFA Program.  Students must still be accepted to the University.  Please visit
UNCG Admissions
for information on how to apply to UNCG academically!

Part 1: Pre-Screen

Your audition begins with a pre-screen audition and application, which is submitted through the Acceptd website. This pre-screen window opens on August 1st, 2023 and closes on January 15th, 2024.  While you can submit your pre-screen at any time, you are encouraged to do so as soon as possible in order to secure your preferred Final Audition date and format.

The pre-screen requirements are all listed on the Acceptd website.  You’ll need to fill out a short application, and then upload media files including:

  • Your Resume
  • Your Headshot or a photo showing your face
  • Two Contrasting Song Cuts (Specific Requirements can be found via Acceptd)
  • One Monologue (Specific Requirements can be found via Acceptd)
  • One Dance Video (Specific Requirements can be found via Acceptd)
  • One optional Ballet Technique Video (Specific Requirements can be found via Acceptd)
  • Wild Card Video (Specific Requirements can be found via Acceptd)

Rock of Ages

UNCG is a participant in the Musical Theatre Common Pre-Screen for the 2023-2024 cycle. You can find more information on common requirements and participating schools here.

To begin your application and pre-screen, visit us on Acceptd.

Part 2: Final Audition

Pre-Screens are reviewed on a rolling basis beginning September 1st, 2023. If your Pre-Screen is successful, you will be invited to schedule a Final Audition.  These auditions are being offered in both On-Campus and Virtual formats.  

The 2023-2024 Final Audition dates are:

  • Friday November 10th, 2023 – On Campus
  • Friday January 19th, 2024 – Virtual
  • Friday February 16th, 2024 – On Campus
  • Friday February 23rd, 2024 – On Campus
  • Saturday February 24th, 2024 – On Campus

Wild Party

It is important to note that our faculty would prefer to meet you in person and have the opportunity to get to know you.  It makes for a better audition experience for everyone!  Please make every effort to attend an on-campus audition so you can experience UNCG and meet faculty and students face-to-face.  Preference for virtual auditions will be given to those who do not reside in the Southeast.   

If you choose a virtual audition, we strongly recommend a campus visit at your earliest convenience, which we are happy to set up with you.

If you have any questions regarding the audition process for the BFA IN MUSICAL THEATRE, please contact [email protected].