The School of Theatre Hall of Fame recognizes persons who have dedicated their lives to the belief that the theatre arts and theatre arts education may serve as a foundation to the success of their graduates wherever their career paths may lead.

William Raymond Taylor (1895 – 1976)
Founder of the Playlikers and Parkway Playhouse, Director of the Drama Program 1921 – 1952.
Mutt Burton W.C. “Mutt” Burton (1907 – 1995)
Classic “townsman” who acted in College and University productions over a fifty year career.
Anne Pitoniak (1922 – 2007)
Talented professional actor of stage and screen. 1943 graduate of the Woman’s College.
Kathy England Kathryn England (1911 – 1975)
Distinguished teacher and director, an expert in voice and diction.
Betty Jean Jones (1949 – 1996)
Gifted teacher, scholar, and artist; 1978 graduate of the M.F.A. program in Directing
Tom Behm
Dedicated teacher, mentor, administrator and artist. Founder of the North Carolina Theatre for Young People.
Beth Leavel
Distinguished professional actor of New York’s Broadway; 2006 Tony Award Winner, 1980 graduate of UNCG.
Herman Middleton Herman Middleton
Visionary administrator, educator, and director. Head of the Drama and Speech Department 1956 – 1974.
David Batcheller David Batcheller
Dedicated educator, artist, and administrator, Director of UNCG Theatre and founder of the Summer Repertory Theatre.
Marian Smith Marian Smith
Distinguished alumni and community supporter, Executive Director of the Southeastern Theatre Conference.
Andreas Nomikos Andreas Nomikos
Distinguished international artist, designer, and teacher; a mentor to many generations of design students.
Emily H. Preyer
Distinguished alumni and founder of the Theatre Angels.
Mary Settle Sharpe on horse Mary Settle Sharpe (1863 – 1944)
First dramatics coach and pioneer teacher of elocution and expression.
Pam & David Sprinkle
Visionary benefactors of the School of Theatre including New York Showcase, musical theatre, and renovation of the Pam and David Sprinkle Theatre.
Robert C. Hansen
Administrator, teacher, artist, scholar, and benefactor.
John Lee Jellicorse
Visionary guide of theatre expansion and development while serving as Head of Communication and Theatre and later Director of the Theatre Division.