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Ceramic and Sculpture Student External Accomplishments

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Jon Smith, Nikki Blair and Pat Wasserboehr supported these students in their efforts to achieve some impressive opportunities during the  spring and summer of 2017.
  • April Miller, NYC Arts Practicum
  • Edwin Bristow, has applied to be Rosemary Fiore’s studio assistant
  • Chelsea Tinklenberg, Digital Stone Project, $1500 stipend from the graduate program and $1500
  • from Auto Desk
  • Claire Stromberg, Digital Stone Project, Digital Stone Project, $4500 research grant from the         Undergraduate Research Office at UNCG, $1,500 stipend from Auto Desk, Franconia Sculpture Park Intern
  • Students to attend a two week workshop at SAW thanks to the Art School support in the amount of $2400:  Danielle Carelock, John Lucas, Hannah Baker, Nina Rominger, Christina Rankin, and Anna Rafalowski
  • Anna Rafalowski will attend a workshop at Penland and was selected to teach art to children at the CVA.
  • Max Baynes will be a SAW artist in residence
  • Students who participated in the Fire Fest iron pour sponsored by Star Works;  Mark Craven, Lina Fernandez, April Miller, Anna Rafalowski, Heather Fortune, and Haley McKnight
  • Nine students had their sculpture and ceramics accepted into the BFA juried exhibition at the Weatherspoon Art Museum
  • Max Baynes, Karena Graves, and Caroline Bugby had their work accepted into the 2017 North Carolina Artists Exhibition sponsored by the Raleigh Fine Arts Society. Max received an award and sold the sculpture he exhibited.
  • Caroline Bugby was hired to teach art to children at the CVA. She is UNCG’s nominee for the ISC Outstanding Student Achievement Award in Sculpture, TBA in June.
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