Frequently Asked Questions - Application / Audition Process

I want to major or minor in music. Is an audition required?

Yes. The College of Visual and Performing Arts requires both prospective music majors and minors to complete a live audition for acceptance into the music program. Audition requirements for acceptance as a music minor are the same as those for a music major. These requirements can be found here.

Must I do a live audition? Can I send a recording?

The School does not usually accept recorded auditions from applicants who live within the United States. A live audition serves as an opportunity for you to display your musical performance ability, meet our faculty, and have questions answered concerning the College of Visual and Performing Arts, the admissions process, student financial aid, housing, campus life, and other aspects of being a music student at UNCG. If a live audition not possible, please contact the College of Visual and Performing Arts at (336) 334-5789 to discuss possible options.

International students are permitted to submit an audition recording. A DVD recording is preferable whenever possible. These recordings must still meet the requirements auditioning in your area of interest. Recorded auditions must be received no later than the last February audition day in the academic year preceding expected enrollment. For information on audition requirements, click here.

I cannot attend one of the scheduled audition days. What should I do?

It is strongly suggested and preferred that prospective students audition on our regularly scheduled audition dates. If conflicts do not permit a live audition on one of our regularly scheduled audition dates, you should contact the College of Visual and Performing Arts by calling (336) 334-5789. While there may be a possibility of scheduling an alternate audition date, please be aware that some areas will not schedule auditions except on regular audition days.

Are scholarships available for undergraduate students?

Yes. Outstanding students majoring in music will be selected to receive music scholarships based on the results of their audition and will receive notification via e-mail. Students interested in being considered for music scholarships should plan to audition in person no later than the last February audition day in the academic year preceding expected enrollment. Music scholarships are made on a one-year basis and are renewable for four years contingent upon satisfactory academic and musical progress.

Do I have to apply and be admitted to UNCG before I audition?

Full admission to the College of Visual and Performing Arts is a two-step process involving a successful live audition, as well as acceptance into the University by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Acceptance to the University prior to your music audition is not a requirement, though you are encouraged to submit an application to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions prior to your audition. You may contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (336) 334-5243 or visit their website at

For detailed information regarding graduate music admissions and application requirements, please consult the Graduate Music Admissions Guide (PDF format, 5.7 MB).

Is the GRE required for MM, DMA, or Ph.D degrees in music?

The GRE is only required for M.M. Theory and M.M. Composition, and those seeking Fellowship nomination consideration. To be nominated for a Fellowship an applicant must have an extremely competitive GPA. A minimum GRE score of approximately 1200 is expected for exams taken prior to August 1, 2011. For GRE exams taken after that date, a minimum combined score of approximately 310 is required.

I cannot attend one of the schedule audition days. What shall I do?

Some departments within the College of Visual and Performing Arts are willing to arrange alternate audition dates on a case by case basis. Please contact the College of Visual and Performing Arts for more information. 336-334-5789

Must I do a live audition? Can I send a CD?

Live auditions are required for all applicants living in the continental United States. Please see the application process for details regarding international recorded auditions.

What additional materials should I submit with my application?

The College of Visual and Performing Arts encourages applications to include a personal statement outlining their career goals, as well as a resume and repertoire list. Additional materials are especially important should the applicant wish to be considered for an assistantship.

Do I need to submit pre-screening materials?

Pre-screening materials are only required for DMA, PhD, MM Conducting, MM Composition, and MM Theory applicants. Students should contact the professor within their area for specific requirements.

Are standardized tests such as the GRE and PRAXIS required for M.M. Education applicants?

No, we do not require standardized test scores for admission into the M.M. Education program. Students must, however, provide proof of licensure.

What is the deadline to Apply?

Application deadlines vary depending upon your desired degree program and audition date:

In order for M.M. applicants to secure an audition day and time, prospective students must submit the online application to The Graduate School. The application, fee, supporting documents, and Graduate Audition Request form must be processed no later than the Sunday one week prior to the desired audition date.

For D.M.A. applicants, prospective students must submit the Graduate School application and pre-audition materials no later than January 24, 2014 in order to be considered for a live audition. If a live audition is granted any subsequent materials must be processed by the Graduate School at least a week before the scheduled live audition day.

Do I have to audition to be accepted as theatre (acting) student?

Auditions are required for admission to the MFA in Acting degree program. For undergraduate degree programs, auditions and interviews/portfolio reviews for admittance to specialized BFA track degrees (Acting, Design and Technology, Technical Production, and Theatre Education) occur once you are enrolled at UNCG and usually occur at the end of the first or second semester.

May I sit in on theatre classes when I visit the campus?

Yes, we advocate prospective students observing our professors in their classroom elements. Please make arrangements for this opportunity when you call to set up a visit and/or tour of campus (336-334-4032).

Must I do a live audition? Can I send a video?

The Department normally requires a live audition. An exception is made for international students. If you need to request the alternative audition process, please contact Amy Masters (

I cannot attend one of the scheduled audition days. -OR- I auditioned and was not admitted to the Department. What should I do?

The Department auditions students only twice a year, on the dates posted. Some students enroll at UNCG without a successful audition and take part in the next audition. Students making the choice to attend UNCG without a successful audition should understand that they might not be admitted, and should be thinking of a back up plan.

How many students do you accept into the program as freshmen and as transfers?

The Department tries to keep each cohort (freshmen, sophomores, etc.) at 20-25 students. When we have fewer than this number, we admit additional students (whether already at UNCG or transferring in from another institution).

How do I apply for a degree in studio art?

There is no secondary admissions process to the art department. Students admitted to UNCG may select the BA major in studio art.

How do I gain admission to the BFA programs in studio art?

All incoming students with an interest in studio art must complete the requirements of the Foundation Program, generally within their first year at UNCG. Admissions to the BFA programs (with concentrations in Painting, Printmaking and Drawing, Ceramics and Sculpture, Photography, New Media and Design, and Art Education) is by portfolio review only. Students submit their work, in the Fall term following the completion of the foundations program. The Foundations Program includes intensive advising about the BFA program, the process of being admitted to it, and the advantages to both the BA and the BFA programs. See here for more information about the School of Art’s Foundations Program and the process for applying to the BFA.

May I reapply to the BFA program if denied the first time?

Students not admitted to the BFA program may reapply once more and after working with faculty to improve and enlarge the application portfolio. Reapplications are generally made in the spring term following the initial application has been denied.

Why would I want to pursue a BA in studio art?

The BFA is a first professional degree in the visual arts and is generally intended for students committed to a career in the visual or commercial arts. The BA degree in Studio Art is ideal for students interested in exploring their visual creativity within the context of a liberal arts education, for students who might wish to pursue opportunities after college outside the arts, or for students who wish to pursue a double major, combining an interest in the visual arts with other academic fields.

I am a transfer student. When may I apply for the BFA program?

Transfer students make up a significant portion of our art majors. Each student, however, represents an individual case. Studio courses from a different institution do not always transfer as required courses in our curriculum. All transfer students must, if admitted with all foundations requirements completed or when they finish them at UNCG, apply to the BFA program through the School of Arts regular BFA application process. Transfer students are encouraged to seek advising as soon as they are admitted to UNCG in order to understand and plan for a timely path to graduation.

Why don’t I see a BFA concentration in Graphic Design or Visual Communications?

It is very important to understand that UNCG’s School of Art is committed to a fine arts education for all its students. We do not at this time offer degrees in applied or commercial art. Student’s interested in design, however, should consider the New Media and Design concentration which gives our students the requisite skills in design at all levels and can result in a portfolio that allows a graduate to be highly competitive in the design job market or in applications to graduate programs. In addition, students may seek internship experiences in the industry, for credit, that offer the real world experience so crucial to first-time job seekers after graduation.