Transfer Students in Studio Art

All transfer students who wish to pursue a studio art degree enter the department as candidates for a BA degree in Studio Art. Upon completion or transfer of the core foundations courses (listed below), those students who wish to pursue the BFA program in Art Education, New Media and Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking and Drawing or Sculpture and Ceramics will submit a portfolio of their work. Admission to any BFA concentration is contingent upon successful review of that portfolio by a rotating committee of art department faculty.

Transfer students must complete the UNCG Studio Foundation Program, or be enrolled in the final Foundations classes when applying to enter the BFA Study Art degree program. Transfer students may apply to the BFA program in the fall or spring, but must do so before they have earned 28 or more credits in ART. Once that threshold is passed the student will forfeit his/her ability to apply for the BFA program. Students who fail the portfolio review must reapply in the following semester. Students may reapply once.

Students who wish to remain BA Studio Art majors may continue without a portfolio review. Requirements for the BA in Studio Art are available here or in the University Bulletin. Students who continue in the BA program should begin immediately to fulfill GEC and the College of Arts and Sciences Additional Requirements..

Required Foundations Courses

Students applying for the portfolio review must complete the UNCG Studio Foundations Program, or be enrolled in the final Foundations classes when applying to enter the BFA degree program, with the exception of ARH 112, which may be completed in a future semester, if necessary.

  • ART 105 Foundations Seminar**
  • ART 120 Drawing I
  • ART 140 Foundation Design I
  • ART 150 Three-Dimensional Foundations
  • ARH 110 Survey of Western Art I
  • ARH 111 Survey of Western Art II
  • ART 220 Intermediate Drawing
  • ART 240 Foundation Design II*
  • ART 253 Three-Dimensional Foundations II
  • ARH 112 Survey of Non-Western Art
  • ** required for students entering Fall 2016

Depending upon how many art credits a student brings in with them, a transfer student will need to carefully balance the number of studio and non-studio classes he or she take in any given semester. The department strongly recommends students take no more than 3 studio classes at one time. This limit is even more important when enrolled in especially demanding upper level (300 and above) studio courses.

Transferring Art and Art History courses to UNCG

*With the exception of ART 240, all of the Foundations Courses transfer from North Carolina community colleges, however, the course numbers, and in some cases, title, are different. To learn which art and art history courses transfer to UNCG see the UNCG Transfer Guide.

Transfer Students in Art History

Transfer students in Art History are strongly encouraged to enroll in ARH 219: Sophomore Seminar their first Fall semester on campus. Additionally, if art history majors have not yet begun their foreign language requirements (12 s.h.) they are advised to do so during their first semester

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