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The UNCG Orchestra program is recognized for performance excellence, adventurous programming, and high artistic standards. The UNCG Orchestras are comprised of three ensembles: University Symphony Orchestra, Sinfonia, and Gate City Camerata. These diverse offerings allow students the opportunity to perform repertoire for ensembles ranging from the largest cornerstone and contemporary works for full orchestra, to intimate pieces for chamber orchestra, to string orchestra. Dr. Kevin Geraldi serves as director of orchestral activities and conductor of the University Symphony Orchestra.

The mission of the UNCG Orchestras is dedicated to the teaching, performance, study and cultivation of orchestral music of the highest quality. We believe that the UNCG Orchestras are a serious and distinctive medium of musical expression, of vital service and importance to its members and to UNCG. Through exemplary practices in organization, training, and presentation, the UNCG Orchestras endeavor to provide effective experiences in music education and culture for its members. The UNCG Orchestras seek to offer outstanding performances throughout the year and to enhance the institutional spirit and character of UNCG. To music as an art and a profession, the UNCG Orchestras seek to bring increasing artistry, understanding, and respect by efforts within our own immediate sphere and by providing leadership and sponsorship to school orchestra programs and through cooperation with all other agencies pursuing similar musical goals.

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