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The UNCG New Music Festival is now New Music Greensboro

Welcome to NM_GSO, Greensboro's premiere presenter of cutting edge new music. This season, NM_GSO presents Kiki Keren-Huss, Red Clay Saxophone Quartet, SaVaSa, Michael Hall, and Tikvah.

Excerpts of Christian Marclay's "To Be Continued." Photo Credit: Christian Marclay To Be Continued, 2016
musical score for guitar, woodwinds, double bass and percussion; 48 pages, softcover, offset printing
© Christian Marclay. Courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery, New York. Photo: Steven Probert.

Marclay Marclay Marclay Marclay

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The UNCG College of Visual and Performing Arts gratefully acknowledges the Edward T. Cone Foundation of Princeton, NJ and New York, NY for its generous support for the advancement of theory, composition, and performance through the UNCG New Music Program.