Horn Student Mayton Named 2013 Presser Scholar

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ian Mayton, 2013 Presser Undergraduate Scholar

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(photo credit: Brian Speice)

The 2013 Presser Undergraduate Scholar Award winner for the University of North Carolina at Greensboro College of Visual and Performing Arts is rising Senior Ian Mayton. Mayton is a Music Performance Major with a concentration in Horn.

He has been described as "likely the very finest undergraduate horn performer in UNCG's history." He is among the most talented students we have had at UNCG and he has performed extra recitals and given private concerts to raise funds to attend extracurricular horn functions.

He is highly motivated and has sought out external opportunities at music festivals as a performer with the NC Symphony and the Fayetteville Symphony. Ian enters multiple competitions, attends festivals, performs in master class situations and seeks out private study on his own time as much as possible. He was described as, without exception, the most motivated student that his teacher has ever had the pleasure of teaching. Ian has won multiple local, regional, state-wide and national competitions. He also has great success winning regional orchestral positions. Ian is the only junior undergraduate horn student to ever have the prestige of performing regularly at substitute principal horn with the esteemed NC Symphony.

He is a leader in everything he does. Ian maintains a blog and independent website where he expresses insights into playing and teaching. It's a very professional website where he demonstrates a very advanced ability to express his thoughts and ideas. Two of his nominators described him as a student who "possesses top notch critical thinking skills and is a role model for all our students."

He was truly a superb and deserving recipient for this high honor.