“Just writing to express my deepest and most sincere thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of GLOS this season. It was an honor to work with you and our success with each show is a reflection of your wonderful direction.

By being part of this program I have not only gained incredible knowledge but also confidence in my technique and performing ability. It allowed me to discover and free my own voice, as well helped me to develop my potential and embrace my strengths–for this, I cannot thank you enough. All aspects of this program have helped me to grow as an artist and as a person and have provided me with some of the necessary tools that are needed for a successful and fulfilling career.”

Leary Davis (2015)

“I wanted to express to you how thankful I am for my experience with you and the entire opera company. I am sure it’s not a surprise that I was incredibly nervous coming into the program, especially after I learned that I was double cast with a thirty year old! I cannot emphasize enough how much your kindness and words of encouragement during rehearsals helped ease my nerves and allowed me to engage in the creative process. I have never had such a positive opera experience.

I was not only amazed by how much fun I was having in rehearsals, but also at how enriching the class opportunities were (Alexander Technique and the Music Business seminars were my favorites)! The voice lessons, however, were truly one of a kind. I was so happy to work with Dr. LeFevre and she really helped me tackle some of the difficult vocal parts of [my role]. She even came to my final dress rehearsal just to give some last minute advice. Overall, GLOS exceeded my expectations in every way and I will definitely be recommending this program to my friends for next summer. It was an extraordinary privilege to sing for such a fantastic, yet kind, conductor and I am very thankful that you took a chance on me. Mikado was an experience I will not soon forget!”

Katy Wilson (2013)