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Supported Technology

A wide array of technology tools are supported by the CVPA technology staff. Below are the most common support documents requested by our faculty and staff in the CVPA. More will be added as needed.

For a complete list of available software at UNCG, view the ITS Available Software page. Please note that not all applications listed on the ITS Available Software page are supported in the CVPA.


Canvas GuidesCVPA Canvas Quick Guide
Instructure’s Canvas is the learning management system (LMS) UNCG faculty use for deploying online course resources and instruction. The following materials are intended for use by faculty in the College of Visual and Performing Arts when creating, managing, and implementing Canvas into their online learning and teaching solutions.

If you need additional support or wish to request a support document be added to this page, do not hesitate to contact Daniel Rice @

Canvas Support Documents

The following is a curated list of support documents. For a complete list of Canvas support documents please visit

Getting Started

Adding and Managing Course Content





Links & Additional Tools

Student Canvas Guides

These guides are a great place to start if you have questions about navigating Canvas as a student for the first time or you wish to brush up your knowledge as a student user. Technical issues for students may be reported to 6-TECH by calling (336) 256-TECH (8324), or emailing

Getting Started

Customize Canvas


Quick Reference Videos


* Note that Zoom will be phased out Summer 2023. Transition to MS 365 tools will begin Spring 2023. More information:

Zoom is a videoconferencing application used for web conferencing, online meetings, and synchronous online learning. All UNCG faculty, staff, and students are eligible for Zoom accounts. To activate your account, log into Zoom at

Included below are support documents and documentation to aid in your use of Zoom. If you need additional support or wish to request a support document be added to this page, do not hesitate to contact Daniel Rice @

Zoom Support Documentation

Zoom Help Center:


* Note that Box will be phased out Summer 2023. Transition to MS 365 tools will begin Spring 2023. More information:

Box @ UNCG provides online file storage for all UNCG users. Box uses your UNCG user name and password. Faculty, staff and students can access their own Box account after they activate their University Computing Accounts.


  • Can be configured to be used for all levels of data (Minimal, Low, Moderate and High risk) in Box’s cloud service, according to the new Data Classification Policy for UNCG.
    • Compliance for storing High-Risk data in Box requires specific permissions settings.
    • Synching a file to a local computer will place the file in the “1-Lock” category
  • Unlimited storage quota (no quota enforced on UNCG Box accounts).
    Note: UNCG Departments can have official shared storage in Box. For information, see: Box for Departments.
  • Web and mobile access to your files anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Ability to selectively “sync” files and folders to your computer (similar to DropBox). (For details on syncing 2-Lock data, see Can I use Box Sync for 2-Lock data?)
  • Ability to sync files on up to 8 devices (3 desktops or laptops, 2 phones, 3 tablets). For details see How many devices can Box Sync be connected to?
  • Ability to share files with other users inside and outside UNCG.
  • Keeps track of multiple versions of your files automatically.
  • Ability to “lock” documents while editing them, so others cannot accidentally overwrite your work.
  • Ability to see who has edited and viewed documents you share.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office to seamlessly download, edit and upload new versions.
  • Box Capture app for iPhone and iPads for uploading scanned docs and photos to Box.

Microsoft 365 Transition

Information about the upcoming transition to Microsoft 365 can be found at and contains an FAQ page as well as a way to submit questions about the transition. As CVPA staff, faculty, and admin have questions about these new initiatives, I would encourage you to visit often for updates and submit your questions using the tool on that site.

Faculty and staff training will become available as the transition begins during the Spring 2023 semester. The following resources may be helpful as we begin the transition and while UNCG-specific documentation is still being developed:

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