School of Music sunset

CVPA Digital Signage

The College of Visual and Performing Arts currently manages multiple digital displays that can be used by faculty, staff, and student organizations to post information and announcements. The digital signs are currently deployed in the following locations:

Samsung 48” – 1920×1080College of Visual and Performing Arts – Music Building, main offices
Samsung 32” – 1920×1080School of Music – Music Building, Entrance
Samsung 43” – 1920×1080Cone Residence Hall, Entrance
LG 55” – 4KSchool of Theatre – Taylor Theatre, Entrance
LG 32” – 1920×1080School of Dance – Coleman Building, Entrance

Creating Content

Images that are posted to the digital signs must be 1920×1080 pixels, 72 dpi, and in .PNG or .JPG file format. Please create slides that are clear, concise, and will grab the viewers’ attention as they walk by the sign. Include information about your event or announcement as well as information about how the viewer may be able to find more information (URL for example). Limit font usage to one to three fonts per slide. Deliver your message in as few words as possible and in a professional manner.

Submit Content

Content must be submitted no later than Thursday by 5PM for the content to be viewable on digital signs by the following week. When submitting, you may request beginning and end dates for your content to appear as well as times of day. Most slides are displayed all day for a specific date range, but you may request a more granular date and time for display if you wish. Please use the digital signage form to submit your content.