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Katie Lane

Katie Lane
Major: BFA Theatre Education


Salisbury, NC

High School

Jesse C. Carson High School


BFA Theatre Education

Career Plans & Goals

I plan to teach middle or high school theatre after graduating college. I also might think about getting my masters degree and potentially teaching college further in the future.

Why did you choose UNCG and specifically UNCG for the Arts?

I chose to come to UNCG specifically for the Arts because when I toured the theatre department, I was blown away by the involvement of students within the main stage productions. I had the feeling that my education in theatre would be very “hands on”, and that is exactly how my experience has been at UNCG.

Are you where you thought you’d be when you first came to campus?

Truthfully, I think I am much further than where I thought I would be when I came to campus. UNCG has given me lots of opportunities to work with different kinds of people, organizations, and environments. From these opportunities I have been able to branch out from just the university and make connections with different organizations such as the North Carolina Young Playwrights Festival and the Greensboro Cultural Center.

Peak experience?

The theatre education department worked with the Greensboro Cultural Center to host Short Tails in which students from all over greensboro were able to audition to be a part of a short play. Everyone involved worked very hard over Christmas break of the 2019-20 school year. It was incredible to see these students finally be able to share their hard work with their friends and family.

What surprised you?

Before I started college, I didn’t think that I would have much contact with my professors. Today, I am in contact with almost all of my professors, and it surprised me in the beginning how ready they were to help me in any way that they could. I have never had a professor that wasn’t willing to work with me and I sincerely have appreciated that support.

Who helped you get to where you are now?

My dad is someone who has helped me get to where I am now. He has always pushed to take opportunities as soon as they come. There are times when I hesitate to commit to things because it is new to me, but my dad has helped me a lot in the sense that he encourages me that it is entirely a learning experience.

What do you think you will miss the most after you graduate?

I will miss the community of UNCG the most once I graduate. As a whole, there is an incredible sense of community (especially in the theatre department) in which everyone is happy to help.

Advice for the incoming class?

Nothing is the end of the world. When you start college, it may feel like that first test you didn’t do to great on, or a deadline that you missed is going to ruin everything, but it will not. All you need to do when this happens is take a deep breath and think about what you can change next time.

Your favorite place on campus and why?

The library. As nerdy as it sounds, I have spend MANY hours in the library working, and if it wasn’t for that building I would not have been as successful as I am (especially during the pandemic). I encourage everyone to get out of your dorm and go to the library to separate your home from work!

Your favorite professor or class and why?

My favorite class was THR 244 technical productions in costumes because I was able to create my very first costume and experience what it is like to create a costume from start to finish.

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