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Chip Haas

Chip Haas
School of Theatre, Production

When did you begin teaching at UNCG?

Fall 2004

What attracted you to the position? Why this university/program? Describe the moment you knew UNCG/CVPA/School was a great fit for you.

UNCG Theatre had a great reputation for the quality of its graduates. The size of the program, both in regards to faculty and students, meant that we are able to work on large and challenging productions. I am able to specifically focus on being a Technical Director and don’t have to wear multiple hats during productions. Plus, my wife is from Danville, so the opportunity to be close to her family and be able to teach at a program like the UNCG School of Theatre was too good to pass up.

Favorite course or subject matter to teach and why?

It’s a toss up between Technical Direction and Scenic Automation classes. I know it sounds odd, but both of these classes involve a lot of math, which I love. These classes also allow me to teach students not just the how we build scenery, but why we build it the way we do.

What makes UNCG, CVPA or your School special? Why do you think students should choose us?

The BFA Design & Technical Production program is focused on the students. We offer a wide variety of classes in all areas of design & production. We have a very active production program, which allows our students the opportunity to work on multiple shows every year. The students will receive design and/or production assignments that allow them to develop their skills, with the goal of the students getting opportunities of designing, serving as stage managers, technical directors, master electricians, etc for studio and main-stage productions. We have excellent production facilities and a large group of faculty and staff that are instructing in their areas of expertise.

Favorite memory at UNCG?

My favorite memory is when we took “The Revenger’s Tragedy” to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. as part of the KCACTF National Festival. I grew up in DC area and the first “real” theatre production I ever saw was at the Kennedy Center. Having the opportunity to take a show there felt like I had come full circle.

Advice for future students who want to be successful?

Work hard, both in the classroom and in your design/production assignments. Take advantage of the opportunities that you will be offered during your time at UNCG. Ask questions, get involved.

If you were a student in your program now, what would you do differently from your actual undergraduate experience or what might you pursue that you didn’t?

My biggest regret was not taking the opportunity to study abroad while I was in college. UNCG has an excellent study abroad program and I would take advantage of that. It will never be easier (or cheaper) to see the world then doing during college.

Most proud career moment or experience:

Every time I see one of my former students have a career or life achievement. I love seeing job announcements, wedding & baby announcements, you name it. Seeing my former students succeed is what makes me the happiest and proudest.

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