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  • The CVPA faculty and staff expertise is strong.
  • The CVPA provides high-quality education to students.
  • The CVPA has a diverse and talented student population.
  • The CVPA is the largest and most comprehensive arts college in the UNC system and one of the largest in the Southeast.
  • The CVPA has strong and growing community engagement programs in Greensboro and surrounding areas.


  • The CVPA lacks a unifying identity.
  • Faculty and staff diversity in all Schools does not yet align with that of the CVPA student body.
  • The CVPA currently provides limited real-world experiences and support for students.
  • The CVPA has outdated curricula in some areas.
  • Space and facilities (particularly Taylor Theatre) are antiquated, and necessary personnel and production infrastructure functions to support all Schools are lacking.
  • The CVPA lacks necessary staff resources for grant support activities and annualgiving for student scholarships.


  • The UNCG Capital Campaign will allow us to reenergize our fundraising possibilities.
  • The CVPA needs targeted marketing and recruitment to refine enrollment. A larger presence in the market and creative marketing strategies would benefit CVPA immensely.
  • Updating our curriculum, repositioning ourselves in the market, and embracing diversity could allow us to become the real arts leader in the region.
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations among students and faculty, and external communitypartnerships could further enrich our student experience.
  • The Millennial District for the Arts may allow us to physically connect the performance venues on Tate Street and solve some current space issues.


  • Budget reductions from the State and potential changes in budget models in theUNC System will result in significant budget limitations in the immediate future.
  • Demographic changes, the COVID-19 pandemic, and resulting economic downturn will likely result in decreased enrollment in the short term.
  • Economic downturn may result in fewer donations, gifts, and grants and reduced capacity among community partners.
  • If the curriculum is not nimble and culturally responsive, new forms of creative arts, cultural changes, and other external factors will negatively influence how prospective students view UNC Greensboro and the CVPA.
  • Reduction of arts education in public high schools has resulted in some applicants being less well prepared.

2020-2025 Aspirational Statement

The CVPA will lead the local and regional community by embracing change, fostering diversity, developing new forms of visual and performing arts, and creating culturally responsive curricula to better prepare our students to create the art of the future.

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