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Link to University Strategic Plan: Student Transformation

Area 1: Curricular Opportunities

  • Goal 1: Conduct a comprehensive review of the CVPA curricula to include titles and scope of courses, identification of efficiencies and deficiencies, with a focus on equity and inclusion to ensure global relevance and cutting edge course offerings.
  • Goal 2: Develop specific plans for curriculum revision based upon the results of the comprehensive review.
  • Goal 3: Implement curriculum adjustments according to University policy and best practices.

Area 2: Co-Curricular Opportunities

  • Goal 1: Provide more enrichment experiences for students including internships, transformational study opportunities including study abroad, and master classes with successful artists in their chosen fields to provide current and real-world experiences.
  • Goal 2: Develop and implement a plan for providing career services to CVPA students and alumni to facilitate a transition to the profession
  • Goal 3: Develop and implement a plan for expanded communication with our students for opportunities across the CVPA.
  • Goal 4: Provide more opportunities for students to exercise and to perfect their art through performance, exhibition, etc. to facilitate an experience-informed transition to the profession.

Area 3: Interdisciplinary Opportunities

  • Goal 1: Increase the number and availability of interdisciplinary collaborations both within and outside CVPA in response to students’ desire for cross-disciplinary arts experiences and to enable students to become adaptable artists for sustainable careers.

Area 4: Enrollment

  • Goal 1: Develop and implement a CVPA-wide domestic and international student enrollment strategy informed by available resources with input from faculty, staff, students, and alumni.
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