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Request for Qualifications

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro seeks to commission a permanent public artwork to celebrate and pay tribute to the thirty-year period when  the  university  was  the Woman’ s College of the University of North Carolina. The tribute should resonate with the feelings of innovation, revolution, and transition associated with Woman’s College as an integral piece of UNCG’s character, history and future.

The Site

The Woman’s College Tribute will be placed on part of the lawn in front of the Stone Building on College Avenue, a central location on our campus and at the heart of what was Woman’ s College. The perimeters of the site are indicated on the attached plan of the area in front of Stone. The only hard and fast limitations on the project’s final design are that it not disturb the tree canopy (tree drip line) so as to not to damage the trees’ feeder roots, and that it also respect the height and proportions of the buildings around it (Stone and Petty). Power and/or water can be made available to the final project, but bringing it to the Tribute and incorporating it into the work must be included in the total estimated budget for the project. A larger campus map and photographs of the site are also attached.

About Woman’s College

UNCG opened its doors to students on October 5, 1892, as the State Normal and Industrial School, an institution dedicated to the education of women. The School became a College in 1897, and in 1919 was renamed the North Carolina College for Women. The era of Woman’ s College of the University of North Carolina-fondly known by students and alumnae  as “WC”- began in 1932. WC, like its forerunners, forged a space in which women were educated, in its classrooms, auditoria, theatres and gallery. Drawing its students from around North Carolina and from across the country, WC allowed women access to a formidable education, and as WC transformed its students, its alumnae transformed their communities and the world. The roster of WC grads who rose to the top of their fields- in business, the arts, government and even the military- is astonishing. The women who are not on this list, however, were also agents of important change, standing as examples of the importance of educating all members of society and as role models in their families and communities for other women- and men- who sought access to higher education.

In 1963, the first male students were admitted, and the college’s name changed to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Today, the University boasts a diverse student body of almost 20,000 students from across the country and around the globe. UNCG has been recognized for its emphasis on service-learning and dedication to community involvement–only part of the rich legacy of WC in the University’s history.

We hope that the Woman’ s College Tribute will capture the essence of a transformational institution the legacy of which is access to education, dedication to learning, and a fundamental belief in service.

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