We now have submissions for the WC Tribute Project from the three artists selected by our jury and from the 102 artists who submitted their qualifications. These projects can be viewed here. We are most anxious for feedback from all of you. We want to know how you feel about the projects and which one captures what you think was essential about WC and its legacy—which is still at the core of UNCG’s mission and values. Please use the feedback form on the final submissions page to send your comments. 

We need also to begin to raise the funds necessary to ensure that the final project becomes a reality on our campus. Please consider supporting the project in whatever way you can.  There is a “Give Now” button on the final submissions page, or you may send a check directly to University Advancement, made out to UNCG and with WC Tribute in the memo line, at PO Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27412.

Woman’s College Tribute Project

The Woman’s College of The University of North Carolina made an enormous impact on our state, our nation and our world. It was a different time, and society had strict expectations of women in terms of the careers they might pursue and the courses they might study. However, WC alumnae were bold pioneers who embraced the educational opportunities they were given and worked to effect positive change that expanded the options of future generations. WC produced exceptional nurses, teachers and secretaries, as was its mission. However, many of these women went on to become business and community leaders. They took their secretarial training and built on it in graduate school and in their careers, becoming professors, accountants and business leaders. They leveraged their teaching backgrounds to become administrators and educational innovators. They were pioneers, and they exceeded expectations in every way.

Times have changed and the modern UNCG is different than WC in many ways. However, it shares the same key mission and the same commitment to both access and excellence. The university would not be what it is today had it not been for the hard work and dedication of WC and its astounding alumnae. 

The Woman’s College Tribute Project is working to establish a permanent work of art on the UNCG campus to preserve the legacy of the students, faculty, staff and founders of this transformative institution. We have already issued a nationwide call for artist’s qualifications, and the WC Tribute jury has pared down these entries to three finalists who have been asked to submit specific designs for the project which will be placed on part of the lawn in front of the Stone Building on College Avenue, a central location on our campus and at the heart of what was Woman’s College.  These projects will be displayed on campus and on UNCG’s website, and we will solicit feedback from all constituents before a final design is selected early in the fall.

The WC Tribute seeks, above all else, to enshrine the transformative nature of Woman’s College for UNCG’s present and future students.  WC was and UNCG is an institution that transforms lives, communities, and our social fabric.  We hope you will follow the progress and this project and give us your feedback on the final projects over the course of the summer and early fall.  We also hope you will consider supporting the fabrication and installation of the selected design, but more on that later.


Looking North

Looking Northeast

Looking South Toward Stone Building

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