students in classroomSurround School

Through the Community Foundation’s capacity building grant, the Community Arts Collaborative has partnered with Church World Services to design a program that caters to the children of refugee families who are between the ages of 18-23.  Many of these young people hover between finishing high school and looking for a job. Church World Services approached us to find a way to unite young people in engagement with their own artistic practice, the Greensboro community, and to the resources at UNCG.

Surround School offers art and music courses taught by UNCG students through a barter system. In order to receive credit for taking classes, the program requires that participants go to a social event that focuses on their instrument or medium. For instance, in order to get credit for  guitar lessons, the student would attend a concert involving guitars.   After taking lessons and attending a related event, the student is encouraged to continue participating using the same educational structure.

Our philosophy acknowledges that while it is important to learn an instrument or medium, the communities that surround the performing arts are essential to learning and growing.  It is extremely helpful to witness professional musicians utilizing their craft, or professional artists exhibiting their work in a gallery.  Being present for events helps students to understand the limitless possibilities, careers and communities that are embedded in a particular artistic discipline.  Participation allows young refugees to enrich themselves creatively while joining the Greensboro community.