UNCG College of Visual and Performing Arts

The College of Visual and Performing Arts Faculty Information Manual was developed to provide all members of the CVPA Faculty with a resource for certain policies, regulations, practices and expectations that prevail at the College level. By organizing this information as a convenient reference, it is hoped that everyone can have a clear understanding of procedures that are of concern to the entire College.

The policies and procedures in the CVPA Faculty Information Manual are in accordance with and subordinate to all University and System documents. Rather, these are explanation of how we interpret and fulfill the guidelines and policy statements of the University.

The University Policy Manual may be found here.

The UNC System Policy Manual may be found here.

The UNCG Faculty Senate Handbook may be found here.

Schools in the CVPA each have handbooks that detail policies and procedures specific to the School. In all cases, school handbooks are in accordance with and subordinate to the CVPA Faculty Information Manual.

Please contact the Associate Dean to suggest additional information that might be helpful for this manual or to report errors.

Table of Contents

1. Vision, Values and Mission Statement

1.a. Art Mission Statement

1.b. Dance Mission Statement

1.c. Music Mission Statement

1.d. Theatre Mission Statement

2. Instrument of Governance

3. Personnel

3.a. CVPA Workload Guidelines

3.a.iCVPA Graduate Culminating Activities

3.a.iiCVPA Guidelines on Course Scheduling

3.a.iii Workload & Faculty Annual Report Form

3.b. Benchmarks for Annual Productivity in Scholarship/Creative Activity

3.b.i Art

3.b.ii Dance

3.b.iii Music

3.biv Theatre

3.c Annual Review Information 

3.c.iAnnual Review Form and Signature Pages

3.d. Teaching Observations

3.d.iProbationary Faculty Teaching Evaluation/Observations

3.d.iiProbationary Faculty Form

3.d.iiiTenured Faculty and Term Faculty Annual Teaching Observation

3.d.ivTenured and Term Faculty Form

3.e. Class Climate Survey Guidelines

3.e.iArt Course Survey

3.e.iiDance Course Survey (face-to-face)

3.e.iiDance Course Survey (online)

3.e.iv Music Course Survey (Need to create one survey for courses)

3.e.vMusic Performance Applied Performance Studies Survey

3.e.vi Theatre Course Survey

3.f. CVPA Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

3.f.i School P&T Guidelines

3.f.i.a Art

3.f.i.b Dance

3.f.i.c Music 

3.f.i.d Theatre

3.f.ii CVPA Promotion and Tenure Process

3.f.iii School P&T Process

3.f.iii.a Art

3.f.iii.b Dance

3.f.iii.c Music 

3.f.iii.d Theatre

3.f.ivCVPA Reappointment Process

3.f.vCVPA Promotion/Tenure and Reappointment Calendar

3.f.viCVPA Personnel Action Calendar

3.f.viiPost Tenure Review

3.f.vii.aPost Tenure Review Timeline

3.f.vii.bPost Tenure Review and Signature Form

3.g Salary Merit Review

3.h Conflict of Interest Form sponsoredprograms.uncg.edu/conflict-of-interest

3.i External Activities for Pay Form [link to Provost Site]

3.j Campus Absence Form [link to Provost Site]

3.kDual Employment Form [link to Provost Site]

3.l. Credentialing New Faculty or Faculty with New Course Assignments [Link to Provost Site]

4. Resolving Issues

4.a. Student Complaints

4.b. Student Complaint Log

5. Contracts with External Agencies

6. Faculty Development

6.a Research/Creative Activities Support

6.a.i. Fellowship Notification Form 

6.b. Travel Support

6.c. University Teaching and Learning Commons

7. Excellence Awards

7.a. Teaching Excellence Awards

7.b. Research Excellence Awards

7.c. CVPA Faculty Teaching Excellence Award 

7.d. CVPA Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

8. CVPA Office Staff and Organizational Charts

9. Committees

9.a Standing Committees CVPA

9.b Senate and Other Committees http://facsen.uncg.edu/Content/Roster.pdf

10. CVPA Computer Policy

11. Adverse Weather & Holiday Closing Policy

12. Copyright and Fair Use

13. UNCG Auditorium

14. Proposing Faculty Lines

15. Search Committee Handbook

16. Equipment Rental/Removal

The use of any University-owned equipment by outside agencies is prohibited unless cleared by your department chair. The SMTD Equipment Rental Form MUST be used for all approved rentals. If this form is not used, the lending/renting faculty member will be held responsible for damage or loss.

16.a. SMTD Equipment Rental Form

17. CVPA Facilities for Non-University Events

Check with the School Director or UNCG Auditorium, as appropriate, for policies regarding scheduling other events/activities. 

Use Of University Facilities – Liability 

As a public State institution, the University, to the extent possible and under certain conditions, makes its facilities available to community groups and organizations. Adherence to University rules and regulations is required of these groups and organizations, to include proof of liability coverage. University departments considering sponsoring or co-sponsoring unaffiliated groups’ use of University facilities should explicitly identify their responsibilities to such groups as the departments’ actions have the potential to greatly affect the University’s liability. For more information see:


18. Student Travel

18.a Student Travel Information

18.b Student Release and Waiver Form

19. CVPA Strategic Plan