Eun Hee Lim

Eun-Hee Lim

Dr. Lim is an artist/researcher/educator. She is a practicing artist who often explores and examines various materials and objects to express understandings of her own experiences in different cultures and ideas. As a post-modern art educator, she believes that quality art education in an active and self-motivated learning environment facilitates the learning process. In order to create a self-motivated learning environment, she nurtures a dynamic and interactive classroom and develops curriculum materials that are timely and relevant to the current issues in art education. She believes that teaching is not just about lecturing to students. It is an exciting journey of initiating contemporary art education theories and practices, exploring current educational issues and trends, and instigating sensible pedagogical methods.

Dr. Lim’s pedagogy facilitates her students’ professional experience and growth as competent pre-service teachers in the field. She conducts herself in a professional manner to create a positive learning environment by respecting and promoting intellectual diversity. Dr. Lim also engages in community art education and outreach programs as a community mural project organizer and an art related volunteer. Lim’s doctorate research focuses on art educators’ studio art practices and its influences on their identities and art educational pedagogies. Her current research interest includes community art education, art-based research, creativity, interdisciplinary art education, visual culture, post-modern art education approach, diversity and globalization, and artistic learning process.

To facilitate her professional development, Lim has presented numerous research papers at the local, national, and international professional research conferences and has published a number of articles in professional journals and publications. She has an active membership with NAEA (The National Art Education Association), InSEA (International Society of Education Through Art), NCAEA (North Carolina Art Education Association), and Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC). Dr. Lim’s accomplishments as an educator have also been recognized by the North Carolina Art Education Association (NCAEA), which named her as the Higher Education Art Educator of the Year for 2013-2014.

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