B.J. Sullivan

  • Associate Professor
  • Dance - Contemporary Technique
  • 220J Colemand Building
  • ejsulli2@uncg.edu
  • 336-334-3264

B.J. Sullivan, dance teacher / choreographer / performer, is active in the development of post modern dance technique. As a tenured associate professor at the University of North Carolina Greensboro, her research is in choreography and her applied technique. Gaining recognition for the teaching methods of her own style and floor work, B.J. coined this body of material “Safety Release Technique“. She has traveled extensively teaching SRT at many universities and professional schools globally including Dance New Amsterdam in New York City and serving on the summer faculties of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and Interlochen Arts Academy.

Safety Release Technique combines the health practicalities of human movement with the breadth and depth of artistic possibility. SRT skillfully blends multiple layers of movement principles while informing dancing with a mixture of somatic and release applications. In preparation for full-bodied and vivid expressiveness the classes begin on the floor and progressively develop into full-range combinations. B.J.’s style encourages students to comprehend “flow of motion” through the body and through changes in level, challenging their ability to get into and out of the floor easily.

Described as unique, fluid, and physical, B.J. strives for her dances to go beyond the sentimental and the romantic, offering the audience a total and real kinesthetic experience. B.J. has been selected as a choreographer for The Yard on Martha’s Vineyard three times. In 1999 she was invited to present a concert of her work to benefit that organization. In 2002, B.J. was honored with a Choreographer’s Fellowship from the NC Arts Council. Her work has been showcased in The North Carolina Dance FestivalIndependent Dance Makers in Durham, The North Carolina School for the Arts in Winston-Salem, DNA Gene Pool Series and the Dance Gallery Festival in New York City, The Isadora Project with solo artist Christine Jowers in New York City, Urban Wash Dance Company in New York City, Chelonia Dance Ensemble in Beloit, WI, Counter Groove Dance Company in Detroit, Concepts In Motion in Bermuda and the Professional School Dance Ensemble in Thessaloniki, Greece.

B.J. has a BFA from The Juilliard School and a MFA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She performed in the companies of Sue Bernhard, Lorn MacDougal and Michael Mao, and also in the works of Colin Connor, Joe Goode, Gerri Houlihan, Stanley Love, Renee Wadleigh, and Bill Young.

This year, B.J.’s choreography will be performed in Vienna, Austria, Northwestern State University in Louisiana, SUNY Purchase in New York, Florida State College Jacksonville and by the dance company Concepts In Motion in Hamilton, Bermuda. She will be a guest teacher at The University of Minnesota Twin Cities and James Madison University in Virginia.