‘Hear Our Voices’: an inclusive celebration of new musical theatre

On Nov. 12-14, UNCG School of Theatre will present “Hear Our Voices: An Inclusive Celebration of New Musical Theatre.” The production is a brand-new song cycle which consists of unpublished music written and composed by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color), disabled, female and LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Transgender, Genderqueer, Queer, Intersexed, Agender, Asexual, and Ally community) artists from all over the country.

The project was brought to life by UNCG Theatre faculty Erin Farrell Speer and Dominick Amendum, both of whom coordinate the newly-founded BFA Musical Theatre program for the School of Theatre. “Hear Our Voices” will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started in the spring of 2020, Speer and Amendum began to plan what the future could look like for their burgeoning musical theatre program and the upcoming fall musical.

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artwork by Emily Moser

GPS Opens in New Space

Greensboro Project Space (GPS), the School of Art’s off-campus contemporary art center, has a new home.

Previously located on Lewis Street at the far south end of Elm Street, GPS is now located in the heart of downtown Greensboro at E. 111 February One Place and is open to the public with COVID-19 safety policies in place. The new GPS has four galleries, which allows for more concurrent exhibitions, and it will share an outdoor area with Cincy’s restaurant for concerts and performances.

As GPS opens in its new space, it may be fitting that the opening exhibition is “Home, revisited” by senior BFA Art (Painting) student Emily Moser. The works reflects Moser’s quarantine inspired examination of her home environment using drawing and painting. She is the recipient of the William Magnum Artistic Merit Award which she says made this show possible. “Home, revisited” is up until August 28th. Upcoming events include a virtual evening with Durham based documentary artist and UNCG Art alumnus Anthony Patterson and a Zoom Musical Salon featuring School of Music professors Andy Hudson and Annie Jeng.

GPS serves as a bridge between UNCG artists and the community, and it is a interdisciplinary space which hosts art exhibitions, as well as dance, music, and theatre performances -often in collaborative pieces that include more than one of the arts disciplines.

Hours and policies can be found at www.greensboroprojectspace.com/visit.

Music brings a family together

Quarantine project by Nick Stubblefield ’10 BM – the cover of a tune his parents wrote. Nick says, “It’s neat when music can bring generations together. In this case, it brought my parents together with me. I come from a musical family that wrote a number of songs back in their day. They pitched that I cover one of their songs from the 1980s — No Access. It’s a great tune (lyrics by my mom Cindy, music by my dad, Jerry “Lightnin’ Stubblefield). Theirs was hard rock. Mine is jazzy RnB.”

Reliably Bad Covers The Magic School Bus!

Reliably Bad, an eight-piece funk-pop band composed of UNCG School of Music students perform a socially distant cover of the The Magic School Bus!

Digital Screening of New Media and Design Student Projects

Student’s in Assistant Professor Rachel Riley’s New Media and Design class Image Sequencing were asked to create a series of time-based interpretations of a subject by documenting experience, vision, and thought. Students were encouraged to think about Framing by exploring how they present visual elements in an image; Structure by directing the viewer’s response by varying the length of shots, creating repetition, flow, and action; and Material by exploring inherent and expressive qualities of working with a video signal using color, light, time, and space.

Featuring work by:

Jaclyn Coble
Ziqi Wu
Nayeli Campos-Franco
Austin Garner
Conner Esposito
Lauren Hale
Mia Jones
Brendan Bostwick
Antwain Hairston
Willow Love
Jackson Israel
J’Waye Covington
Irvin Maldonado

Virtual Jazz Ensemble II

UNCG Jazz Ensemble II: Portrait of Wellman Braud by Duke Ellington
Director/Video Editing: Thomas Heflin

Alto 1 Phil Black
Alto 2 Anijuel Harris-Johnson
Tenor 1 Ian Boletchek
Tenor 2 Brandon Quinn
Baritone Mackenzie Short

Josh Krovetz
Daron Loftin
Parker Thompson
Dhasan Boler

Elan Mizrahi
Justin Hardy
Edward Rodriguez

Piano and Vocals Julian Broddy
Bass Brandon Beugless
Drums Phillip Hoffman

Graduate Choreography Class Pivots to Screendance for Project

DCE 651 is a Graduate Choreography class, this semester being taught (for the first time) as Screendance. Associate Professor Robin Gee designed the project to teach students how to follow the prescription of a seminal work and then “remix” the formula to create something new. Normally they would complete this project in groups, with several dancers and crew. These students made work alone, in isolation. The original is a group composition – the remixes are solo’s.

Shooting in the Style of is… was designed as an opportunity for students to develop a dance film based on the creative principals of a classic work. Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker has, given the unique circumstances we find ourselves in, created a website that encourages the remixing of her piece, Rosas Danst Rosas, directed by the iconic Thierry de Mey. Videos below are by School of Dance students Billy Hawkains, Caitlyn Shrader, and Anjanee Bell.

Kate Serbinowski (’20 BM Performance – Clarinet) Senior Recital

When Senior Kate Serbinowski had her final recital cancelled due to COVID-19, she decided to make her own arrangement of Bellini’s “La Sonnambula” for Solo Clarinet & Eb Clarinet with Clarinet Quartet accompaniment – and then to record all six parts herself. 💪 Check out her amazing work here, and congratulations on your graduation, Kate! 🎓

387 Alternative Process Project by Fil Hernandez

Leah Sobsey’s 387 Alternative Process students’ are hard at work creating artworks remotely. Check out a recent project by BFA student Fil Hernandez. The piece is  a lumen print on silver gelatin paper exposed to UV light. Fil created the effect by arranging the 12 prints, and then laying on them for an hour.

Virtual Thesis by MFA Dance Student Gabrielle Tull

2020 MFA Dance Candidate Gabrielle Tull shares her dance thesis online!


Tucker Daniel ’20 BM Saxophone Performance and BA Spanish

Tucker Daniel ’20 BM Saxophone Performance and BA Spanish playing “Tachycardia” by Marc Mellits.

Brett Robinson ’07 BFA Theatre Shares Her Work Re-Enactment

Brett Robinson ’07 BFA Theatre shares her work Re-Enactment, a tabletop play that can be performed on-line with friends or family about the 1985 MOVE Bombing in Philadelphia.


Remote Big Band presents: “Another Day (in quarantine)” by Antonio Truyols

Remote Big Band playing “Another Day in Quarantine” by Antonio Truyols ’12 BM (on piano) with UNCG alumni Chris Bittner ’15 (on tenor sax), Chris Gelb ’13 BM (on drums), Aaron Matson ’16 BM (on guitar), and Daniel Stein ’05 MM (on double bass).

Remote Big Band presents:"Another Day (in quarantine)" by Antonio Truyols#TruyolsMusic #RemoteBigBand #CovidMusic #BigBand #Jazz #NewJazzWorks

Posted by Antonio Truyols on Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Virtual Thesis by MFA Student Makayla Ferrick

Due to COVID-19, School of Dance MFA student Makayla Ferrick had to cancel the public viewing of her thesis performance. Luckily, this didn’t slow her down! Makayla released the performance virtually to joy of her fellow students, faculty, and fans. We are all blown away by what she and her dancers accomplished. Congratulations Makayla!

Lorena Guillén Tango Ensemble and UNCG University Chorale

A collaborative concert in October 2019 between the UNCG University Chorale, conducted by Carole Ott, and the Lorena Guillen Tango Ensemble, led by Artistic Director and School of Music lecturer Lorena Guillen.

In 2020-2021 the Lorena Guillen Tango Ensemble is collaborating with UNCG Sinfonia, conducted by Rebecca MacLeod, to create an original piece for their orchestra and ensemble titled, “Tango Concerto Grosso.”

CVPA alumni couple making beautiful music together

Antonio Truyols ’12 BM Piano Performance and Gizem Yucel ’13 DMA Viola Performance share this video of Duke Ellington Sound of Viola! This is us passing the time that would be spent commuting. This is what arrangers/composers do in quarantine.


Duke Ellington Sound of Viola! This is us passing the time that would be spent commuting. This is what arrangers/composers do in quarantine. #TruyolsMusic #SoundOfLove #ViolaQuartet #Viola #WhatToDo #ArrangersInQuarantine #ComposersInQuarantine P.S. If you're up for some kind of collaboration, send me a message with your idea! #coronacollaboration

Posted by Antonio Truyols on Friday, March 20, 2020

Middle Eastern Ensemble

Students from the Middle Eastern Ensemble, Steelpan Ensemble, and a Jazz trio prepared this unique arrangement of the Egyptian tune “El Helwa Di” for a UNCG TEDx event. Each individual group also prepared a selection for the musical interlude. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Special thanks to the ensemble leaders/directors David Aarons, Nabil Rahma and Julia Whelan, and to Sean Mulcahy who engineered sound and audio.

The Spartan Shake

A dance created by Duane Cyrus’ School of Dance Choreography I students using “safe”–at-distance greeting gestures. Recorded
March 11th, the students last meeting before classes were suspended!

Theatre grad tries her hand at an NPR-style tiny desk concert

Deanna Gowland ’19 BFA Theatre covers one of her favorite songs, “That Doesn’t Happen” by Johnny Manchild and The Poor Bastards!

School of Music Reel

Media Studies Professor Michael Frierson and his students put together music reel showcasing the School of Music for a project last semester.