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Emilee Fann Portrait Chelsea Hilding Portrait

Emilee Fann

BA Arts Administration

“There is something about being at a performance and looking at the audience and having that realization that wow I helped to bring them here. I just love the idea of playing a part in opening up an art experience to someone.”

Chelsea Hilding

MFA Dance: Choreography

“We’re told ballet is for very thin, young girls, and women. Ballet studios are so often decorated with gendered photos of girls in pink tutus. But I believe ballet is personal, and it’s for everyone.”

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Ailyn Pitt headshot Brianca Robinson Portrait

Ailyn Pitt

BFA Studio Arts

“There is an integration of art and mental health. Making art and enjoying a creative process is a form of therapy. Self-expression is important. Enjoying other people’s art is also beneficial to well-being.”

Brianca Robinson

BFA Drama: Design and Technical Production

“I feel like the professors here were just what I needed. They allowed me to be a student first, and they really nurtured my ability to grow and develop then allowed me to become the professional I knew I could be.”

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Kyrese Washington Portrait

Kyrese Washington

BM Performance: Woodwinds

“I think the most important thing I’ve learned is how important it is to always be around art and other artists so that you constantly learn from one another and improve your own practice.”

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