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Yophi Bost

BM Music Education, Minor in Musical Theatre

Yophi Bost says that majoring in music education was a pretty predictable path for her:

“My mom is an Actors’ Equity Assocation actress, so my younger sister and I were pushed into professional musical theatre as toddlers. I was singing before I learned to talk, and music has always been my passion. On top of that, all the role models I had growing up were educators, including my grandmother and great aunt who hold PhDs in education. This inspired me to want to teach and to teach something that I’m passionate about. Arts education changed my life, but coming from an impoverished rural area in Georgia, I was deprived of it until high school. Majoring in arts education is my way of ensuring that I can provide that experience to others.”

Jacob Brown

BA in Dance Studies

As a choreographer and a performer, Jacob Brown’s path has already taken some twists and turns, and he says he is thankful for the School of Dance’s faculty members who have been with him every step of the way:

“My professors have been my mentors, and now they will be lifelong friends and colleagues.  People like Duane Cyrus, Clarice Young, and Justin Turnow—they are the reason I know that coming to UNCG was the right decision.”

You might say Jacob made that decision twice. He came to UNC Greensboro from Seagrove, North Carolina as a freshman. He studied at UNCG for a few years, left the University to dance professionally in New York, then re-enrolled this year to finish his degree.  Even though he left his studies for a while, he says he feels like his professors never left him.

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Victoria Grelecki

Tucker Daniel

BM Saxophone Performance, BA Spanish

Tucker Daniel says he speaks three languages — English and the two that he studied at UNC Greensboro, Spanish and Music. Daniel’s primary degree is a BM in performance — he plays the saxophone — but he says getting his BA in Spanish has also played a considerable role in his development as a musician:

“The idea of communicating with others in a common language is so important. I want my performances to be like live translations. I want the audience to hear a piece and walk away understanding what the composer was saying. And the language of music is what makes that happen.”

Victoria Grelecki

BA Drama, Minor in Musical Theatre

Victoria Grelecki came to UNC Greensboro’s College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) with a passion for performing — a love of the arts that started when she was just five years old. It was nurtured by her parents and teachers and teachers as she twirled and acted on stages in her hometown of Concord, North Carolina.

Victoria says that passion now has a dance partner — perseverance:

“CVPA was a great fit for me because it pushed me in ways that I didn’t realize I needed. I have learned to be resourceful and resilient. I feel like the energy on this campus is that of strength and perseverance.”

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Zoe Hardee

BM Jazz Studies, BA Geography: Concentration in Urban Planning

Every city has its own beat, an ebb and flow of energy much like the rhythms in different genres  of music.

Zoe Hardee combined her interest in both at UNC Greensboro, pursuing a double degree with a   BM in Jazz Performance and a BA in Geography with a concentration in Urban Planning.  Dallas-born and raised in Wake Forest, North Carolina, Zoe had heard of the University’s prestigious and highly selective Miles Davis Jazz Studies Program from her high school band director and other students.

Allison Hines

BFA Drama Design and Technical Production

Allison Hines has logged plenty of hours in the spotlight but decided her real calling was behind the scenes creating the tangible art that brings a story to life on the stage. When she started looking at colleges she was tenacious about finding one with a good Design and Technical Production program:

“I was accepted at UNC Greensboro, but I didn’t really know much about the University or what the vibe was like. I had emailed Chip Haas (School of Theatre Technical Director) asking him about a billion questions about the tech theatre program. He answered every one of them and invited me for a tour of the spaces. That solidified my excitement and wonder for this University.”

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Maya Simmons

BA Art History and African American and
African Diaspora Studies

Maya Simmons is graduating with a double major — a BA in Art History and in African American and African Diaspora Studies — and she knows just how she plans to use both of them:

“I have loved art from a very young age. As I started researching art historians and curators, I realized that there are not many people of color in this profession. I made it my goal to help diversify the field as much as possible, and create spaces of diversity and inclusion in museums and galleries.”

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