Arts Administration does not currently have any additional admissions requirement (such as an audition or portfolio review) outside of the application to UNCG.

Why earn your degree in Arts Administration?

Begin your journey today

You want to be a leader and make a difference. You want a successful life in the arts. UNCG’s Arts Administration Program can help you find your path to success.

Real world skills for long term career success

The Arts Administration Program develops the skills necessary for a career working in arts organizations, arts-related businesses and in your own creative endeavors. With a variety of electives to complement the core curriculum, you can concentrate your studies in specific areas like leadership, arts program management, fundraising, marketing/communications, audience development, arts education and more.

Bringing learning to life outside the classroom

UNCG offers many opportunities to gain professional experience in arts administration on campus and in the community to build your network. Your Arts Administration experience will include a professional internship with a professional arts organization to make connections and gain tangible work experience.

Great for double majors or minors

Arts Administration as a second major or minor works well with additional degree programs in the College of Visual and Performing Arts (Art, Dance, Music or Theatre) or a degree in another area of study at UNCG.

Curriculum core

(subject to change)

VPA 201 Issues in Arts Administration
ENT 200 Introduction to Entrepreneurial Finance
VPA 284 Arts Management
VPA 323 The Arts as Human Experience
ENT 300 Ideas to Opportunities: Feasibility Analysis
VPA/ENT 455 Entrepreneurial Career Development in the Arts
VPA 499 Internship in Arts Administration

Additional coursework includes general education requirements, arts courses in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, and electives, including cross-listed courses from the Bryan School of Business and Economics, Entrepreneurship, Communications Studies, Political Science and more.

Scholarships and Assistantships

Although there are no scholarships specifically associated with Arts Administration, additional opportunities are available across the university. Please contact us directly for more information regarding these opportunities. You should also be in touch with UNCG’s Financial Aid office,

Careers: Imagine your future

Professional arts administration leadership positions in arts organizations such as theaters, performing arts centers, museums, galleries, ballet and dance companies, orchestras, choral and music groups, operas, arts councils, community arts organizations, arts education organizations, labor unions, professional associations, and philanthropic foundations include:

Executive Director/Managing Director/President/CEO ⧫ Artistic Director ⧫ Marketing Director ⧫ Development Director ⧫ Education Director ⧫ Community Outreach Director ⧫ Finance Director ⧫ Program Director ⧫ Orchestra Operations Manager ⧫ Curator ⧫ Cultural planner ⧫ Program Officer ⧫ Union Representative ⧫ Human Resources Director ⧫ Database/IT Director ⧫ Consultant ⧫ Grants writer ⧫

The Arts Administration Program is also strong in entrepreneurship through its partnership with the Bryan School of Business and Economics at UNCG – start your own arts business! Double majoring, minoring or taking courses in arts administration will also help you in creating a successful solo performance or visual arts career.

Arts Administration faculty and UNCG Career Services support students in finding school year and summer jobs, internships and post-graduation job searches.


For more information on the Arts Administration Program, contact:

Hannah Grannemann, Assistant Professor and Director of Arts Administration
[email protected]