The College of Visual and Performing Arts maintains many large performance ensembles that feature students from across campus, majors and non-majors alike. Each of the student ensembles performs throughout the academic year in concerts both on and off campus. Several groups undertake regular tours and have appeared at the state, regional, and national conventions of the College Band Directors National Association, American Bandmasters Association, the Music Educators National Conference, the National Band Association, the North Carolina Music Educators Association, and the American Choral Directors Association.

Performances by UNCG ensembles have also been given at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City, Meymandi Concert Hall, and The Music Center at Strathmore. In addition, UNCG student ensembles have recorded over 20 commercially available recordings.

The mission of the UNCG Bands is dedicated to the teaching, performance, study and cultivation of wind band music of the highest quality. We believe that the UNCG Bands are a serious and distinctive medium of musical expression, of vital service and importance to its members and to UNCG. We seek to bring the UNCG Bands into direct comparison with the very finest collegiate band programs in America by our performances, recordings, tours and convention performances. Through exemplary practices in organization, training, and presentation, the UNCG Bands endeavor to provide effective experiences in musical education and in music culture for its members. The UNCG Bands seek to offer outstanding performances throughout the year and to enhance the institutional spirit and character of UNCG. To music as an art and a profession, the UNCG Bands seek to bring increasing artistry, understanding, and respect by efforts within our own immediate sphere and by providing leadership and sponsorship to secondary school band programs and through cooperation with all other agencies pursuing similar musical goals.

For more information on the UNCG Bands, and about band ensembles at UNCG, please click here to visit the Bands webpage.

The UNCG Choral program offers students many opportunities to perform a wide variety of repertoire ranging from major works with orchestra to smaller chamber experiences. The UNCG choirs are comprised of four ensembles: University Chamber Singers, University Chorale, Women’s Glee Club and Men’s Glee Club. Dr. Welborn Young serves as Director of Choral Activities.

For more information on the UNCG Choral program, and about choral ensembles at UNCG, please click here to visit the Choirs webpage.

The UNCG Orchestra program offers students the opportunity to perform repertoire for ensembles ranging from the largest works for full orchestra, to intimate pieces for chamber orchestra, to string orchestra. The UNCG Orchestras are comprised of three ensembles: University Symphony Orchestra, Sinfonia, and Gate City Camerata. Dr. Kevin Geraldi serves as director of orchestral activities and conductor of the University Symphony Orchestra.

For more information on the UNCG Orchestras, and about orchestra ensembles at UNCG, please click here to visit the Orchestras webpage.

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro's Miles Davis Program in Jazz Studies offers the student a variety of opportunities to perform and study jazz. Two large jazz ensembles and several small jazz combos and supportive courses in improvisation, arranging, composition, history and pedagogy provide ample room for growth and lead to the Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies. Most recently, the world famous bassist Christian McBride and master pedagogue/pianist Mark Levine performed and offered clinics.

For more information on the UNCG Jazz Ensembles, please visit the Jazz Area page.

In addition to our large ensembles, students regularly participate in smaller, faculty-coached instrumental chamber groups. Students explore repertoire for standard ensembles, such as brass and woodwind quintet and string quartet and also assorted combinations, as required by their chosen repertoire.

Horn Ensemble

The University Horn Ensemble appears annually at the respected Southeastern Horn Workshop and has performed by invitation at the International Horn Workshop. The group’s popularity is evidenced by frequent requests to perform locally at special events and festivals.

Percussion Ensemble

The University Percussion Ensemble specializes in 20th-century, often commissioned, repertoire including ragtime. It performs on the most extensive collection of college/university-owned percussion equipment in the state and has released its first compact disc recording, Sketches.

Present~Continuous, Composition

Present~Continuous is an ensemble dedicated to present staples of the new music repertoire together with new works and semi-improvised works. The group's repertoire has included works by George Crumb, Olivier Messiaen, Steve Reich, David Lang, Robert Paterson, Zhou Long, Julia Wolfe, and others. View more information here

Trombone Ensemble

The University Trombone Ensemble tours regularly and has twice performed by invitation at the prestigious Eastern Trombone Workshop.

Trumpet Ensemble

The Trumpet Ensemble is under the direction of Mr. Mark Clodfelter.


The University TubaBand, comprised of tubas and euphoniums, has recently performed by invitation at T.U.B.A. conferences in Australia and Italy, and annually participates in Octubafest and TubaChristmas.

UNCG students are exposed to a wide variety of music throughout their course of study, both Western and non-Western. While the main performing ensembles focus on the traditional Western style of music, many students and faculty seek more ways to understand the music of other cultures. UNCG is proud to offer performing ensembles that offer these opportunities to both undergraduate and graduates students. These ensembles currently include:

Old Time Ensemble

The UNCG Old Time Ensemble performs American folk music, focusing on the string band traditions of the North Carolina Piedmont and Southern Appalachia. Formed in Spring 2008 by Dr. Revell Carr, as part of UNCG's expanding program in ethnomusicology, the Old Time Ensemble's mission is to give students an opportunity to learn songs and tunes that have been part of North Carolina's culture for generations. The members of the Old Time Ensemble include students and faculty members spanning a broad range of musical backgrounds, although for many students, this is their first experience playing folk music. Old Time Ensemble is based on the idea that oral traditions should be part of every musician's education, so the group learns all its music by ear, through careful listening and repetition, the way traditional American music has been learned for centuries. Some semesters the group focuses on studying and performing the repertoire of prominent North Carolina musicians, such as Tommy Jarrell or Charlie Poole, other semesters the group draws from many sources of traditional Americana, including work songs, spirituals, ballads, blues and dance music. Members of the Ensemble research the background of each song, so their concerts are not only performances of music, but are also opportunities for storytelling and for exploring the history of our state and country.

At least once a semester members of the ensemble are given opportunities to learn directly from highly respected folk musicians, such as Riley Baugus, Bryan Bowers, Rick Spencer, Ken Perlman and Alan Jabbour. The ensemble regularly gives performances both in Greensboro, at the First Presbyterian Church or the Greensboro Festival of Lights, and in venues out of town, such as the Roanoke Island Festival Park in Manteo or the Charlie Poole Festival in Eden. Players in the Old Time Ensemble have also gone on to participate, and even win prizes, at a number of old time fiddler's contests in North Carolina. The ensemble is open to all members of the UNCG community, but "folk" instruments are preferred, including: violin (fiddle), viola, cello, bass, guitar, banjo, mandolin, 'ukulele, steel guitar, flute, tin whistle, ocarina, harmonica, accordion, concertina, lap dulcimer, hammer dulcimer, autoharp and other instruments with instructor's approval.

African Drumming Ensemble

Information coming soon.

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