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Guest Artist Recital - Narisu, Mongolian Throat Singer

7:30 PM, Recital hall

´┐╝Narisu, Professor of Khoomei (Mongolia Throat Singing)

Narisu is an ethnic Mongolian, born in the Horqin Grassland in the Tongliao region, Inner Mongolia, China. He teaches Khoomei at the Inner Mongolia University of the Nationalities (IMUN). He earned a bachelor degree in Khoomei at the IMUN in 2005. He received his master degree in Khoomei at the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture in Ulaanbaatar, Republic of Mongolia. He was a student of the famous Khoomei Professor Aodesurong.

Narisu has taught at the Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities since 2009. While teaching at IMUN, he established a Khoomei ensemble named "Sound of Heaven" which has performed more than 100 concerts in many cities and towns in Inner Mongolia and in cities in other provinces of China. Approximately 100 students have graduated from studying Khoomei with him.

Silver Prize at the 2009 Vocal Teacher Competition for faculty from ethnic nationality University. Received the 2011 Best Teacher Award from among 15 national ethnic universities in China. In 2015, named Outstanding Instructor at Student Folk Singing Competition for ethnic nationality universities.

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