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Summer Somatics – Workshop Details

Summer Somatics: Dynamic Embodiment Provides

  • Increased kinesthetic awareness through embodied anatomy
  • Fostered awareness of individual movement preferences and patterns
  • Support for your re-patterning of habitual alignment and movement issues
  • Deepened dance knowledge and experience through a wide variety of creative somatic practices
  • Discovery of how incorporating somatic principles in your teaching can positively affect classroom management, and focus
  • Opportunities for networking rejuvenation and reinvigorating
  • Strength and depended somatic intelligence with self and others
  • Strengthen Your Dancing
  • Increase somatic intelligence within yourself and with others

Developmental Somatics focuses on the neuro-motor processes from the first months of life, and demonstrates how these early patterns impact our movement behavior throughout the lifespan.  The course is taught experientially – to build empathy with early childhood movement education, to enhance the learning of (neuro-maturational and dynamical systems motor development) theory through embodiment, and to clarify the bodily connections that each person needs to reinforce for more efficient postural carriage and movement performance.   The course is taught through the Dynamic Embodiment lens of Martha Eddy’s 35-year interaction of two somatic movement systems Bartenieff Fundamental (work of Physiotherapist Irmgard Bartenieff) and Body-MInd Centering (the work of Occupational Therapist Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen). In this course we also apply all aspects of the course to the art of dance and dance pedagogy.

All in all:

Learn how the interplay of a morning dance class (Eddy’s somatic dance class – BodyMind Dancing©), verbal deconstruction of class and experiential laboratory time, the presentation of videos and other media and the practice of hands-on touch work, work-related discussions and planning can be recuperative in and of itself.

Please contact if you would like to learn more about becoming a Certified Teacher of BodyMind Dancing.  This course meets one-quarter of the requirements. Additional requirements include Summer Somatics: Dynamic Somatics (LMA/BMC body systems course), attending BMD classes by zoom or in person, and 4 days of BMD pedagogy (2 can be taken at UNCG per year or you may attend workshops in NYC or Prague).   You may also apply Dr. Eddy’s courses at UNCG toward Moving For Life Instructor Certification.

* Body-Mind Centering® is the registered trademark of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (author of Sensing, Feeling, And Action). Martha Eddy is a licensed teacher of BMC since 1984