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The Dancers Connect community dance program is supported with and by:

  • a Seed Grant through the College of Visual and Performing Arts.
  • Janet Lilly and the Department of Dance
  • Community arts initiative in the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Parent Feedback

Read this letter from a Dancers Connect parent to see the impact of our program!

UNCG Student Feedback

“I feel Dancers Connect is a great way to give back to the community. It is an amazing opportunity for young students to learn about dance for free. Dancing at a studio can be very expensive and by participating at Dancers Connect, young dancers explore creativity, imagination, invention and problem solving while working and dancing with others. Young dancers interact with students from different schools and are exposed to dancing from master creative dance educators in the greater Greensboro community. This was my first semester volunteering at Dancers Connect and I loved working with all of the kids. They are all so talented and supporting their love for dance is astonishing.”

Marielle Abbott
Dance Education Major

“There is something very special about Dancers Connect…the young dancers themselves! They are so imaginative and creative it blows my mind! I love engaging in activities with them and observing their beautiful dancing and watching them make so many movement discoveries. Dancers Connect exposes these young dancers to the creative side of dance and challenges them to think, reflect, ponder and challenge their creative limits each and every week. I have learned so many different things about myself and about the power of dance education dance by working with this program and continue to learn from not only the instructors, but the young dancers as well. The personal connections that I have made in only a short amount of time in dancers connect has been great. I love whenever I go to an Elementary school to teach for my practicum and run into Dancers Connect students that a glow comes across our faces and we are all so excited to see each other. Expanding the dance community amongst ourselves is a great feeling, and to think we are making such an impact on these young students and inspiring them to want to dance more is amazing!”

Sam Carranza
Dance Education Major