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Summer Somatics Mind-Body Dancing

About the Workshop

  • Part  1: Applications of Therapeutic Dance: Learn about dance science and somatic awareness methods in dance pedagogy that help  People Negotiating Pain, Movement Challenges or Chronic Disease. You will experience an introduction to Moving For Life a form of Somatic Dance and Fitness that helps to address the symptoms of short or long term chronic conditions like lymphedema, neuropathy, joint pain or other subjects.  Great for dancers, dance, physical, occupation, massage and psycho therapists, hospice workers, oncological nurses and social workers, and anyone interested in their own understanding of cancer prevention and recovery and/or healthy aging.   Hear about Certification opportunities in Moving For Life, BodyMind Dancing and Dynamic Embodiment Somatic Movement Education & Therapy.
  • Part 2: A Dynamic Embodiment Approach to Technique, Improvisation and Guided Somatization – Unpacking A BodyMind Dancing Class. Attend a gentle class that you can do at your own pace no matter what your level of prior dance experience. Class includes guided somatizations and gentle phrases leading into improvisations with somatic cues along the way.  Spend time learning the underlying theories and discussing the strategies of community building and bodily health embedded in the class.
Enjoy MOVING together!