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Our 60-hour Master of Fine Arts program is in many ways a centerpiece of the School of Dance. Students in the program develop and clarify their choreographic voices and deepen their understandings of dance making as a personal, aesthetic, cultural, and social process and product through guided investigations of choreographic methods and practices in coaching and performing movement. The MFA is normally completed over three years and culminates in a project designed and carried out by the student with the support of faculty. While we don’t restrict applications, we prefer students with personal and artistic experiences that extend beyond an undergraduate degree in dance. The MFA is a terminal degree commonly held by studio teaching faculty at the university level.

Our students work with faculty members who are active artists and scholars, and who mentor student engagement in the dance professions, as well as guiding their work in the department. We offer an exceptionally strong mentorship program in teaching, including the teaching of dance technique, choreography and performance, dance appreciation and history, and the theories and practices of dance teaching in public education. We prepare students for lifelong learning in dance, to integrate practice and critical investigation, and to engage in dance as a means of understanding and of enacting positive change in themselves and their communities.

The MFA in Dance degree is also available with K-12 Licensure. Please note, this option may require additional time for degree completion.

School of dance Graduate Handbook

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