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The Post-Baccalaureate Degree in Dance Education (PBL) is designed to provide initial teacher licensure in preK-12 Dance Education to individuals who have an undergraduate degree in dance or a related field from a regionally accredited university and a desire to work in K-12 classrooms. The PBL program is designed for anyone seeking initial teacher licensure in dance education. This program is ideal for working professionals who need to work from a distance and during summer.

The program may be completed only through part-time study, combining online courses at UNCG and summer study on campus. We admit students into the PBL program each spring. We will be admitting the next class of students into the PBL in Dance Education to start in summer 2020. The program is competitive, and the application deadline is April 10, 2020.  Candidates for the program from North Carolina, as well as other states and countries, are welcomed.

The PBL program can be completed in four semesters with students enrolling in coursework in the following progression: Summer, Fall, Spring, Summer. Students applying from fields other than dance education may be required to take pre-requisite courses during the program. Students are able to work full time while completing this program. Class meetings take place on UNCG campus for 2.5 weeks in the summer in late June and online and online for the remainder of the year. Students are required to participate in field experiences and full-time student teaching in high-quality inclusive settings. These experiences are completed in approved settings, and students may be required to leave their jobs to complete this aspect of the program in one of these settings. DCE 663 Student Teaching course meets online one evening a week from (5:00-6:50 pm).


Applications must include academic transcripts, and three letters of recommendation, including at least one academic reference. No GRE is required.

Applications for summer 2020 semester are due April 10, 2020.

If a high school GPA is below a 3.0, a candidate has the option to take a graduate level course as a visiting student in the UNCG Visions Program. If the candidate earns a “B” or higher in this course, they will be considered eligible for admission to the MA DE program. Admission is not guaranteed and students must submit a full application for review for admission. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA during the program.

For Post-Baccalaureate Licensure information see the University Catalog.


Masters of Arts Degree in Dance Education

Students wishing to pursue the Masters of Arts Degree in Dance Education upon completion of the PBL initial dance teacher licensure program may complete an optional Phase Two: MA DE program (minimum 24 credit hours with 12 hours of credit transferred from the licensure certificate).  Students that chose to complete both phases will complete a minimum total of 36 hours.

Minimum program requirements

Bachelor’s degree in dance or a related field and Undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0.

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the program, students will be eligible for employment in a variety of settings, including public schools as a K-12 dance teacher.

Research Interests

Faculty who teach in the certificate program engage in research on topics such as:  preparation of dance educators, interdisciplinary and integrated instruction, cognition and somatics, developmental learning in dance and Laban Movement Analysis.


24 credit hours

10 week Full-Time Student Teaching placement

Most students enrolled in the PBL program are full-time educators in schools, taking two graduate courses each semester and two to three courses during the summer beginning in mid-June. The minimum time required to complete the PBL degree is 4 semesters or 15 months. The Graduate School allows five years for the completion of  a master’s degree.

All courses are taught either in the summer or online; most are currently available only in a two year rotation.  During the academic school year, students should expect to spend approximately 12 hours per week completing assignments for one 3-credit online graduate course; activity will require a substantial amount of time reading and attending to assignments in front of a computer. Those employed full-time, who have other significant responsibilities, should consider whether their schedules allow for such a commitment. A number of the courses involve developing lesson/unit plans and working with one’s own students in a dance education setting.

Contact Mila Parrish, Director of Dance Education if you are interested in the program Mlparri4@UNCG.edu