Register for Technique Classes

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All students registering for technique classes in the School of Dance should check the current Registration Calendar for additional registration guidelines and dates (including how to find your "Registration Window"). Please visit: for more information.

To ensure an optimal learning environment for all students and to ensure that Dance majors meet graduation requirements in a timely manner, the School of Dance follows the procedure detailed below for registration in Ballet and Contemporary classes.

Students register online. Students are responsible for knowing and keeping track of their eligibility by checking their degree evaluation. Students registering in classes for which they are not eligible will be notified that they may be withdrawn from classes. This means that spaces may become available in previously closed classes and students seeking admission to a closed class, for which they are eligible, should check UNCGenie frequently.

1. To enroll for dance classes above the beginning level 111, 113, 132 and 116, your name must be on the School technique class eligibility list. You can get your name on this list by either auditioning for our program (majors) or by coming to the placement class (non-majors) the first day of classes each semester. The eligibility list is confidential and managed by our Enrollment Manager.

Once students have completed two semesters at a specific level of dance, they are eligible to advance to the next level. Advancement is not automatic and must be recommended by the Technique Committee as a result of a Mid-Semester Technique Review (ESTR) or the placement class at the beginning of each term. If you have taken only one semester at a specific level expect to register for that same level again

All students (majors, minors and non-majors) enrolled in 111-312 and 113-214 will participate in the Mid-Semester Technique Review (ESTR). At the conclusion of the ESTR, students will receive their placement for registration. Any questions regarding eligibility should be directed to the instructor or Enrollment Manager.

Please Note: If you have not taken a technique course for 1 or 2 consecutive semesters please register at your previous level for the upcoming semester. If you have not taken a technique course for more than 2 semesters please register for the 111 or 113 level and come to the placement class given on the first day of classes of each semester.

2. African and Jazz

African Dance (DCE 132, 232, 332):

  • DCE 132: Any Student may register for this course.
  • DCE 232: Pre-requisite 132 or permission of instructor Associate Professor, Robin Gee (
  • DCE 332: Registration by invitation only-please contact Associate Professor, Robin Gee at (

Jazz Dance (DCE 116, 216, 316)

  • DCE 116: Any Student may register for this course.
  • DCE 216: Students who are eligible for 112, 114 or higher will be considered eligible for DCE 216 (Jazz II).
  • DCE 316: Students who are eligible for 212, 214 or higher will be considered eligible for DCE 316 (Jazz III)

3. Dance major priority enrollment: Please refer to the University Registrar's Office academic calendar

DANCE MAJORS (graduate and undergraduate) may enroll (online, through UNCGenie) in the technique classes for which they are eligible, as soon as their registration window opens. Students who are not eligible for a particular level will be notified of withdrawal from these courses so that there are spaces available for eligible students.

Per National Association of Schools of Dance Standards, all BFA Dance majors must enroll in a daily technique class of a minimum of one hour and thirty minutes. To this end, BFA dancers should register for the one-hour and forty-five minute Contemporary Dance and Ballet sections in accordance with their current placement.

Through the major restriction registration period, dance majors may register for a maximum of 2 credits of Contemporary dance and 1 credit of ballet. (See #3 below to learn how to register for "extras.") Through this date, students who enroll for more than the maximum in either Ballet or Contemporary will be withdrawn from all of their classes in that category.

Dance majors who were closed out of Contemporary or Ballet classes required for graduation may appeal . Appeals should be submitted to the Enrollment Manager prior to the end of the major restricted registration period. If the request is approved, majors may add these courses before these courses become available to non-majors when registration reopens.

For more information on the appeals process, please contact Amy Masters (

4. Enrollment for all eligible students, plus "extra" classes for majors: When the major restriction is lifted, non-majors (including minors) may enroll for technique classes for which they are eligible, and majors may enroll for additional classes, on a space-available basis. Students who are not eligible for a particular level may be withdrawn from these courses, to keep spaces available for eligible students.

5. Disenrollment for eligible students:

In cases of high demand for a particular section of one of the courses listed above, students may be withdrawn from the section even though they may be eligible and registered, following the priorities below. Eligible registered students who are withdrawn may appeal this action.

In classes where disenrollment is necessary, students will be retained according to the following priorities:

  1. Admitted Dance majors (U435, 431, U437, U438 or graduate dance majors)
  2. Students who have declared a dance major but have not yet been admitted (must be on the majors list as a PreDance major (U439) by the start of the registration period)
  3. BFA Theatre majors and Dance minors who are on the Registrar's list of minors
  4. All other UNCG students
  5. Consortium students