Safety Overview

Students may work on drawings hung from the walls, but must use a backing sheet and drop cloth to protect the surrounding area. No supplies or furniture can be left in the hallway as it blocks egress and is a fire hazard. Students who do not maintain hallway work spaces will lose the privilege of working outside the studios.

Stairwells and hallways are not to be used for art installations or for any kind of storage. Nothing may be hung from ceiling fixtures (pipes, sprinklers, etc.).

Sinks are for hand washing only Water and soap are the only things that go down the drains. Inks, paints, plaster, etc. should never be put in the sinks.

No spraying inside building No aerosol spraying of any kind inside the building including spray paints, varnishes, adhesives and workable fixatives. There is an outdoor spray area located in the foundry area that should be used for ALL spraying.

Keep clear of electric shades In rooms with electric window coverings keep all objects such as backpacks and artwork well clear of screens and glass. Never lean anything against windows or block the window tracks at risk of derailing shades. Shades should be adjusted only by studio faculty.


The Gatewood Building hours:
Monday-Friday from 7am - 11pm
7am – 7pm on Saturdays & Sundays

For 24-hour card swipe access see the School of Art office. Exterior doors should never be propped open.

Red security phones are located throughout the building and should be used for any emergency.

For all related questions please contact building manager,Christopher Thomas at #334-5669

Below are links to all EHS documents in pdf format. Please read all documents and download them for your records. HTML versions of all policies can be found at the links to the left.

All students are required to acknowledge in writing receipt of the Policies each year. The School of Art will keep copies of all the signed acknowledgement forms.

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