Musicology may be defined as the study of contemporary and historical styles of music, of relevant documents, and of the cultures that produced them.

Undergraduate courses include a four-semester sequence consisting of MUS 135, Introduction to Musicology, MUS 332 and 333, History of Western Music I and II, and a 400 or 500-level course in music history and/or literature.

Graduate courses are taken by students in masters and doctoral degree programs as well as those in post-baccalaureate and post-masters certificate programs. Our graduate offerings include:

  • MUS 511 History of Opera
  • MUS 529 Music before 1600
  • MUS 530 Music from 1600-1800
  • MUS 532 Music of the Nineteenth Century
  • MUS 533 Music of the Twentieth-Century
  • MUS 538 The Symphonic Tradition
  • MUS 602 Seminar in Music Research and Writing
  • MUS 606 Seminar in Music History (topic varies)
  • MUS 674 Masterpieces of Musical Styles

All of the above are three-credit-hour courses. Please consult the Graduate Bulletin or OPTIONS for more complete descriptions and current offerings. Graduate students in music performance or music education may apply these courses toward a post-baccalaureate certificate in musicology.

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