Stinson Book Award Call for Nominations

Posted on November 16, 2020

The UNC Greensboro School of Dance is thrilled to announce the creation of The UNCG | Susan W. Stinson Book Award for Dance Education. 

About the Award

Funded by an anonymous donor to UNCG in recognition of Dr. Susan W. Stinson, a leading pioneer in the field of dance education, the annual award recognizes book-length publications of excellence in dance education printed in the English language during the current and previous year, as well as authors who conduct exemplary inquiry that advances the field of dance education. The award’s recognition contributes significantly to the visibility of dance education professionals and their work, as well as the vitality of outstanding scholarship and publication excellence in dance education.

Call for Nominations

The award nomination period runs from November 5, 2020 to December 30, 2020. 


In the spirit of Sue Stinson’s myriad career achievements and enduring legacy in dance education, research, and scholarship, eligible books for nomination should comprise research-informed texts that encompass a range of theoretical and practical application of knowledge in dance education, pedagogy, curriculum, and teaching artistry. Examples of eligible dance education texts comprise inquiry-based monographs, innovative teaching texts, original edited collections, and multiple-contributor volumes that address facets of dance education. Books consisting of previously published essays, reviews, or articles are ineligible for consideration. Nominated books must hold a copyright date of 2019 or 2020.


Self-nominations from author(s), editor(s), and publisher are welcome, as well as nominations from the field. 


Nominated books will be evaluated based on originality, critical rigor, innovation, and potential contribution to the field of dance education including texts that engage, challenge, question, and motivate dance educators across sectors and populations. 

Submission Information 

Nominations accepted by email only. For nominating an author other than yourself, be sure to obtain the author’s consent prior to submitting the nomination. Please briefly describe why you are nominating the book, how the text meets the eligibility requirements listed above, as well as your relationship to the author nominee(s) if any. Include an electronic copy of the nominee’s CV/professional record, and if available, include other relevant information in support of the nomination (i.e. a book review of the nominated text). In the subject line of your email, please enter “Stinson Book Award Nomination.” 

In your nomination email, state the book author/authors’ name and address, email address, telephone number, the title of the book, and publisher’s name to Professor Janet Lilly, Chair,

Review Committee at [email protected] 

Nominated Author Responsibility 

Once nominated, authors should immediately contact their book’s publisher to secure and provide book access for review committee members (4 copies required). Most publishers today provide gratis copies when a book is under award consideration. To these ends, nominated authors should work closely with the Chair of the Review Committee in disbursing book copies to reviewers. 

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