The Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Office (URSCO) Community Based Undergraduate Research and Creativity Award was presented to four students: Triston Broadway, Gabriel Figuracion, Maguette Seye, and Heather Lofdahl.

The team collaborated with Dr. Rebecca MacLeod to write a grant in support of the creation of a diverse online music learning community for young people by young people in partnership with Peck Elementary School and the Peck Alumni Leadership Program (PAL). The project seeks to provide more diverse examples of performers and musical styles for young string musicians.

The grant-writing team included:

  • Triston Broadway – music composition major, alumnus of the Peck Alumni Leadership Program
  • Gabe Figuracion – music education major
  • Maguette Seye – biology major, member of Sinfonia, alumnus of the Peck Alumni Leadership Program
  • Heather Lofdahl – PhD Music Education student, Peck Alumni Leadership Coordinator

The Undergraduate Research and Creativity Award (URCA) is designed to help faculty and students partner in meaningful projects that result in advances in understanding within their discipline/field of study. The community-based research (CBR) initiation grant supports proposals that represent collaborative partnerships among community partner, student, and faculty teams. Projects should advance the development of community partner capacity, student learning through the high impact practice of undergraduate research, and facilitate the evolution of faculty scholarly identity as it relates to community-identified needs.