In the Summer of 1989, UNCG offered a set of two sociology classes, applied research and social theory, focused on the study of the Grateful Dead community. The instructor, a photographer, a film crew, two graduate assistants, and 21 students went on tour that summer and made history.

For UNCG it was the Year of the Dead.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, almost 30 years later, UNCG hosted a series of events celebrating the legacy of the Grateful Dead.  The events included a showing of The Long Strange Trip, the Grateful Dead Documentary Series; a curated Psychedelic Counter-Culture Art Exhibition at UNCG School of Art’s Greensboro Project Space; a performance, and an encore performance, of a UNCG Grateful Dead cover band, the Spartans Play Dead; a semester-long online course focused on the Grateful Dead Legacy; Images of the Grateful Dead and Deadheads, a photographic exhibition; and finally UNCG Dead Scholars Unite!, a day of scholarly presentations focused on the Grateful Dead and their fans.

The team at Another Year of the Dead have been posting documentation of these exciting events on their Facebook page during this trippy time, including videos from the April 2019 conference UNCG Dead Scholars Unite!