Kahlila Brown ’19, BFA Dance Education

Taylor Roberson ’19,  BFA Dance Education

Kahlila Brown and Taylor Roberson have similar stories about how each found their way here.  Recommendations from high school dance teachers pointed them toward UNC Greensboro’s College of Visual and Performing Arts, and they both felt they were about to embark on a journey at an excellent School of Dance.  But neither could have been prepared for how they would feel when they leave campus this month.

Kahlila is from Durham, NC.  She says she pursued a degree in Dance Education because she wanted to share her love of dance with others:

“Dance is an art form that has provided me with an alternative way of communicating and has served as an artistic outlet.  That is what has fueled my passion in dance education.”

 Kahlila says she knew she was in the right place when she came for her tour, and she continued to make UNCG “home” by performing, attending events, and becoming a Spartan Guide:

“I found a community where I would be challenged as a dancer, choreographer, and educator through an experience that would nurture me and expand my knowledge.”

Taylor Roberson is from Pittsboro, NC.  She says, like Kahlila, she felt she had found the right place at the College of Visual and Performing Arts:

“There was something about the professors and the atmosphere that made me feel ‘at home’ as if I had always been a part of the school. I have made connections with so many amazingly talented people in my time here — connections for which I am truly grateful. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to work not only with the School of Dance but also students and faculty in UNCG Theatre/Musical Theatre courses and productions. I would not have traded these last few years for the world.”

 When they were first year students, Kahlila and Taylor both felt certain they would leave CVPA with a degree in dance, but neither realized until now what else they would take with them —  a sense of community and the confidence to go wherever their art takes them.

Kahlila Brown ’19
Taylor Roberson ’19