“Openness to experience and auditory discrimination ability in music: An investment approach” was published in the most recent issue of Psychology of Music. The article was co-authored by several faculty members from UNCG’s Music Education (MUE) and Psychology (PSY) departments.  Psychology department authors included Paul Silvia (PSY faculty member), and Emily Nusbaum and Roger Beaty (both PhD students in Psychology). Music Education department authors included Donald Hodges (MUE faculty member) and Karen Thomas (PhD student in Music Education), who was also lead author on the project.

Psychology of Music, published by SAGE for the Society for Education, Music, and Psychology Research, is the pre-eminent journal in the field of Music Psychology and has a SJR score of .854, placing it 4th among the 114 music journals ranked worldwide.  To be published in Psychology of Music is quite an honor.