Mr. Aorigele, Morin Khuur
Mr. Aorigele, Morin Khuur

Aorigele is a master of the Mongolian horsehead fiddle (Mongolian, morin khuur). He is currently on the faculty at the Inner Mongolian University for the Nationalities in Tonglia, China. Mr. Aorigele studied with Xie Tiezhu and Qian Baiyi and is a graduate of the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia receiving a MM degree in Mongolian Folk Instruments (2010). Mr. Aorigele comes to North Carolina through a faculty exchange between the Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities and UNC Greensboro with funding support from the government of the People’s Republic of China. His three-week visit will include a variety of concerts, lecture/demos and hands-on workshops. He has toured through Korea, Mongolia and China and this will be his first visit to the United States.

In addition to teaching and performing, Aorigele has conducted ethnographic research among rural folk musicians in Inner Mongolia. His recent work examines the Mongolian bowed string instrument, the chaoer, and efforts to maintain and protect its heritage in the face of rapid social change.

The Call of the Chaoer

Recital: February 25, 7:30pm, Music Building Recital Hall


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